Addressing Trump’s First Wives’ Club Problem

You can’t trust the polls, you know. But can you ignore them all?

Trump has a problem with the ladies…not all the ladies mind you, certainly not with models and his first wives…

In fact, it even seems like his ex-wives still like him.

But now she’s talking to Oprah Winfrey about her feelings for her famous ex-husband, who divorced Maples in 1999, and his children. “I still love Donald,” she said in an interview on OWN’s Oprah: Where Are They Now?, which aired Sunday. “I love Eric and Ivanka and Donnie so much. I had the chance to know them when they were young and now to see how well they’re doing just touches my heart. We watch The Apprentice and I cry when I see the kids on it. I’m crazy, I’m that emotional person.”

Source: Marla Maples Still Loves Donald Trump |
Meanwhile…a certain group of ladies are not too fond of him.

Now this is real. I’ve seen the revulsion.  But is it only the revulsion of a few gals or is it a nationwide problem?  And what is this problem?  Is it a blind hate? Are there issues that can touch them?  I know there are some zero-issue anti-trump lady voters out there.  But so, some could say, that a lot of trump voters are beyond “issues” at this point.  I have a theory…that you need baby steps.  You can’t argue peace in the middle east, peace in Kosovo, peace in North Korea (hey, Trump is trying), economics, COVID, or school choice, or whatever.  Some gals, you just have to start with accepting Trump as human.  Maybe then, they can bend.

Well, one such lady has had enough, thanks to Biden Riots and is considering the possibility that Trump may be human.

The Johnny-come-lately Republican and his nasty schoolyard jibes seemed to me the worst degradation of American politics. But in 2020, I may be forced to vote for the man. Hear me out.

Source: Ace of Spades HQ

So, yeah, the nice lady from the Washington Post is so full of revulsion for Trump voters, we’re bad. She’s good.  But even worse than we are are the Biden Voters out there making her life a living hell, defunding the police and letting looters out of jail.  Not good.  The Biden Riots are an entry point.  Focus on that.

Focus on Soros DA’s. Focus on Trump getting mean to people who scare the fuck out of Karen.  This is why rioters are being caught and released.

Oh right, Fox doesn’t want to talk about Soros.  Huh?

Nope, you got to talk about it. Maybe women voters don’t want to be told they can’t call the police, they can’t get a gun, they can’t fight back.  Because the idea of fending for themselves is not a comfortable one.  There’s always a strong man out there to protect you.  That strong man can be Trump. It certainly won’t be the guy who sided with the defund the police movement or his Veep who helps bail rioters out of jail.

This is the plan…this is the way.

Another potential avenue of attack is school choice. Biden does what Biden’s told…and no one tells the democrats more things than the teacher unions.

I think school choice can be an entry point.  COVID has made schools a battle ground in more than one way.  The unions, natch, want to get paid for free.  They don’t want to actually get out of bed and travel to school when they can fake ZOOM it. And for many normal people, school choice is a real issue, the way to get your kids into good colleges or at least out of the hell holes that some public schools have become under the lefts’ discipline outcome normalization program (i.e., bad kids don’t get punished or expelled).

Finally, there is the Creep.  Sure, trump may be a creep because Karen thinks he grabs ladies by their bits.  The left thinks a lot about Fake Trump,  Fake Trump is worse than Histhler.  Fake Trump goes around doing sex.  Fake Trump bullies people.  Of course, real Trump is a bit more grounded.  You need to introduce the First Wives’ Club to Real Trump, the guy who is nice.  Only fights back when fought with. The guy who tips big, does favors, and isn’t out being worse than Hitshtler.

So, the Biden Creep factor has to be front and center.  And it gets worse, the more you dig in.

Let’s go in orders of magnitude and fun.


Teehee, not so creepy, just a joke.  He’s snuggling Xi, the democrat weirdo that killed people in Pennsylvania nursing homes…etc.

or plain weird…

Then there’s the shotgun approach to Creepy Joe.

Each picture tells a thousand words.  But who needs words when you got videos.

Some of these just get weird…

You get the drift.  To nail down the anti-trump First Wives’ Club and Chardonnay Aunt posse, you need to crack that shell. Admitting Trump may be human is a good first step.  The Biden riots are another.  Things like School Choice and Biden being fucking weird and creepy may be more delicate but if you can introduce these things, the audience may become more receptive.  And from there, it’s just a hop skip and a jump until your auntie will be sporting the MAGA hat and trolling people on twitter about wearing..err..not wearing…masks.  Either way.

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