Anonymous Big Wig Among Us Strikes Again Miles Taylor Was Not Mike Pence

So, all you folks who sussed Mike Pence as Anonymous, you lose.  It turns out that Anonymous was some guy. Some guy had issues with President Trump and wrote a book about it.



You know the usual reasons some dumb person hates on Trump:

A. He has coarsened our discourse

B. He lies

C. He Bullies

you get the gist, just a bunch of words…

yeah, whatever, just make stuff up and then pretend the other side is subverting our norms. I’m convinced the Biden Thirst crew has no idea who Joe Biden is and never read a thing about him. But the same thing goes for their knowledge of Trump.

Trump isn’t a bully, he fights back against attacks.

Trump doesn’t lie so much as exaggerate, you know, he may say everyone’s a great guy, really super…but he doesn’t have polifacts lie of the year about keeping your plan.

Trump hasn’t coarsened our discourse, what does that even mean? The left believes in censorship and cancellation. That’s scary and it makes this election more than just tax cuts or the minimum wage, it’s about what our rights are now with respect to the swamp and the tech monopolies that partake in censorship and cancellation.

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