Basement Biden Briefly Bites Back

So, it’s well known that Biden’s presidential campaign is being run out of his basement in Delaware. He popped out to briefly visit Kenosha the day after Trump visited. There he had a press event with staged questions.

The clips of Biden not being able to speak, unless spiked to the brim with uppers are well know, but it seems the life cycle of these Biden-Cocktails are about 20 minutes.  So, you can imagine the team spent a few days working up this little zinger.

In 2016, Hillary ran on almost purely personal attacks on Trump without bothering to make policy appeals. Biden has policies now, guys, and they’re sweeet.

Biden has apparently been told it’s 1994 and that he loves cops again.  He has flipped on defunding the police.  Or at least he thinks that Trump is apparently anti-police.  It’s hard to tell.

Aside from defunding police, Biden’s other big policy proposal of masks everywhere is being walked back.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden walked back his own call for a national mask mandate, saying he wouldn’t issue any binding orders because he believes it would be unconstitutional.

Source: Joe Biden walks back national mask mandate

So, I’m impressed, two major policies and a brief clapback at Trump.  I’ll ignore Biden’s inane musings on how Trump is causing the riots because, let’s be honest, that’s too stupid to resound with anyone outside the anti-Trump first wives club.

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