Biden avoids Hillary’s 2016 mistakes of not campaigning

Biden’s 2020 election campaign is on track to break records. After all, Biden leads in every poll and these polls are clearly reflecting the reality that a guy who calls a lid at 9am 1/3 of the month of September can shoot to the top of the nation’s leadership.  Some folks have reviewed Hillary’s failed campaign of 2016 and pointed out that her campaign had made several mistakes.

First, Hillary focused on personal insults against Trump.  She made sure to spend time accusing him of indecent behavior and dwelt on minor personal scandals.  This is important because most voters care saw Trump as an unknown and may not be sure about his potential job performance.Also, she called all of Trump’s voters racist.

The first point dovetails with Hillary’s second failure, Hillary failed to address the issues that concerned voters.  Hillary’s campaign issues are lost to the dust of time, it’s impossible to know what she wanted to do in the White House except for something guns, something global warming, and something open borders nihilism.

The final problem with the Hillary 2016 campaign was that she didn’t campaign very well. She apparently missed certain swing states.  Oh yeah, she also collapsed into a security van.

But seriously, aside from her personality, her odd personality and criminal ties, Hillary had a solid campaign outside of her three mistakes. She had a polished organization and showed up to the debates and was able to say things whether true or not.

Biden however has learned from his mistakes.  I’ve reviewed the Biden campaign strategy and it’s composed of completely different ideas than Hillary 2016.

Instead, of focusing on Trump’s minor mistakes and media scandals, Biden is first of all not campaigning, avoiding swing states and not trying very hard.  He isn’t going to bother with states whose voters don’t care too much about him one way or the other. no, thank you sir.

In addition, in a complete change from Hillary 2016, as a second area of focus, Biden 2020 is focusing on Trump’s minor mistakes and media scandals.  This is important because most voters care see Trump as an unknown and can’t judge his job performance after 4 years as president.

The last point addresses Hillary’s failure to address the issues that concerned voters.  Biden made sure during the debate to not actually answer questions ensuring his policies and decisions won’t become an issue in this election.  It’s now harder to know what Biden would do in the apocalyptic event he reached the White House.  As far as we know he will do something something global warming.  Also, for some reason, crickets on second amendment stuff.

Clearly, Biden2020’s three campaign strategy have completely eliminated any failures that arose in Hillary’s 2016 run.

Also…the left is going crazy.

So clearly the polls are accurately reflecting Biden 2020’s real chances.  Oh wait…

Let’s not forget the polls are pulling the same nonsense as last time. Which is silly. What the polls are also missing is Gary Johnson.  Gary, the libertarian pot-smokin’ hippy party got about 4,500,000 votes.

Gary Johnson received 4,489,233 total votes and 3.27% of the national vote,[139] coming third in the nation and setting a record for the Libertarian Party’s best ever electoral result in the process. In terms of the Libertarian Party’s electoral history

Source: Gary Johnson 2016 presidential campaign – Wikipedia

That’s not chickenscratch. That’s quite a bit of a protest vote that is in no way happening this time around.  And if you ask, that’s still about 2.6 million more votes compared to what was siphoned from Hillary by Dr. Jill Stein.

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