Biden Campaign Shows Its Largest Voter Fraud Operation In History

The alleged Biden plus 20 election victory the left has been hoping for has now come down to who will win with barely 270 electoral votes. The election outcome is particularly striking as somehow sleepy joe won more votes than Obama or Hillary. That’s quite an accomplishment for someone who had no voter enthusiasm.  Trump meanwhile used his base popularity to get nearly 68 million votes.  Comparing the Biden campaign and the Trump campaign should show that Biden outperformed everything that the left should have though possible.  It’s almost as if the Biden campaign calculated the number of votes Trump would win with his base and with Independent’s near 50-50 split on the two candidates (when, again, there was no probably enthusiasm for independents to actually vote for a guy who was barely there). uh huh. In no way does this suggest that there was a ballot stuffing.

The liberals and now Republican are concerned about The Path.  The Path requires either side to win what they’ve won and get either one of Arizona and Nevada.  These are the new Florida in the 2020 version of 2000.  It’s not just hanging chads now but voter intent and ballot stuffing.  The GOP watched a slow motion car wreck as the left threw millions of ballots out into the electoral ether with no real way to control them or verify them.  Shoot, they even let these ballots commingle.

So it’s coming down to NV, AZ, and possibly GA and PA as the lefts’ ballot stuffing operations are exposed there. Sadly, MI and WI seem to have been ballot stuffed out of Trump’s reach but the left has been bragging about their The Path for awhile and it’s clear they intended to win these states no matter what.  I don’t think they foresaw the splits in NV or AZ and that’s where things lie.

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