Biden Cheated on The Path Donald Trump Will Win Election 2020 By Following The Way

As it stands, things are close.  Biden has started acting like he’s the president elect. Joe Biden is not the president elect, he’s current leading in electoral votes but we haven’t finished counting votes here and there.  What follows though is The Way.  Donald Trump will win the 2020 election by focusing on the states and recounts on The Way. Meanwhile, it is now apparent what the democrats’ 2020 election plan was…it was The Path.  Right now, President Donald Trump disrupted The Path by getting way too many votes and by winning too many Congressional races.  Furthermore, the democrats’ The Path was fraught with peril because not every state on The Path has a compliant state government. By the way, like the shirt? Check it out, be a fashion icon.

First, let’s talk of The Way.

Donald Trump’s Way includes winning NC, GA, PA, and at least one more state. The at least one more state would appear to be Arizona.  Other possibilities include WI and MI and maybe MN.  The normal rules do not apply to this election because the election is too close. If Biden was trailing in the electoral college by one state, you can bet he would do the same thing.  Here, the problem with the states we’ve identified on The Way is that maybe they’re not technically close when it comes to typical recounts.  This is irrelevant. Trump 2020 has to or must demand recounts.  Their rationale will be something along the lines of massive voter fraud. The goal will be to root out voter fraud and toss votes that were counted in violation of the law.  For example, we know that Justice Alito is not happy with Philly’s complete traversal of orders to allow GOP precinct watchers in to observe ballot counting.  Furthermore, we know that mail-in ballots are fraught with high levels of fraud. That’s why only criminals and democrats want to use them.

The Way includes a few more points.  If we cannot win states on The Way by a certain point, we get into exotic Constitutional solutions for Donald Trump.

Step 1. Recounts and Donald Trump wins outright. Mail-in ballots are easily removed.  We need to demand recounts no matter what.

Step 2. State legislators have to step in and figure out how to send electors to the electoral college.

what if a state recount is hopelessly stuck and state officials try to appoint electors? A Republican legislature might try to claim authority under Article II of the Constitution and certify Trump electors in the midst of the deliberate delay. A state court might say this is a question for the courts and certify a Biden slate.

Step 3.  12th Amendment:

If recounts are delayed and the Electoral College does not produce a certified majority by early January, the 12th Amendment could allow House Republicans to put Trump back in the White House.

So, Trump is on The Way.

Time is on The Way’s side.

Federal statutes set a deadline for December 14 for states to choose their electors, and Congress counts the Electoral College votes on January 6.

What stands in The Way?

First off, massive cheating.  We know this.  Mail-in ballots are highly susceptible to cheating. Local goons also cheated.


What’s more important is complete censorship of Donald Trump’s legal strategy by both the fake news and big tech.  While Twitter and Facebook censorship is nothing new to conservatives, the new censorship now involves Fox News as they are joining in on the scam, pretending that Trump discussing voter fraud is beyond the pale.

The goal of the fake news censorship is to discourage the MAGA base of President Trump and to allow Joe Biden to seem presidential.  Seem presidential though he might try, Biden can’t and won’t.  He’s still calling lids.  Sorry, Joe, but this is big boy time, you can’t call lids now.

Let’s discuss the DNC’s plan:  The Path.


The Path became apparent to me from lefty trolls, I think they may or may not have stumbled onto the DNC’s system but selective plan to cheat.  The Path included outrageous wins in MN, MI, WI, NV, AZ, and NM.  These states would combine with DNC losses in GA, NC, PA, FL, OH, and IA to give Biden a slim 270 margin.  The sneaky thing about The Path is that these states seem to be chosen based not so much on Biden’s actual ability to win these states but by the Senate races occurring in the states.  Indeed, it looks like GA was always a tossup on The Path but that the Senate race there was still targeted.  In the same way, the Senate race in MI made it a ripe target.

So, here we are now.  GA, NC, PA, and AZ are close enough to swing enough electoral college into either candidate’s lap.

In addition, WI and MI and possibly NV and MN could also be contested if you were to convince those states to do a recount and toss their mail-in ballots for the typical reasons.

What does this mean for you? You need to help. Contact your local Republican in state government. Donate to the RNLA. Maybe even volunteer. Help people get the news that has been censored.  The Chair is against the door.

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