Biden is so good at this

Biden has decided to start throwing bombs…figurative bombs…not the literal ones his supporters are throwing around as they burn,loot, and attack folks across the nation.  Biden has always had a tenuous grasp on the truth about himself and about, well, pretty much everything else.

So, there’s been a trove of old Biden chestnuts but he’s pretty much the giving tree, an eternal supply of huh.

So, while Biden has inflated his academic legend to be something more than a warm chair at whatever lawschool he attended, Biden apparently also made up the legend of his most impressive attendance at a historically black college.  The clever thing about this ruse was that it would surely never come to light.

So, to recount the legend of Joe Biden, legendary college student…

There’s the legend of Joe being the first person in his family to go to college.

To that whopper comes the legend of Joe, the guy who got scholarships for being so darn bright. Clap, you stupid bastards.

So, anyway, the legend of joe the white what went to a historically black college because he’s down the struggle, and such.. is a new Joe Biden legend to me.  But here we go again…

“Vice President Biden did not attend DSU,” Holmes said earlier last week. “However he was the Commencement keynote speaker in 2003 and [2016], and during the former he was awarded an honorary doctoral degree.”

Source: Biden said he was a student at Delaware State University; school says otherwise | Fox News

But you can see how he can get confused…he did give a couple of speeches there and got the Cosby doctorate.  And it’s glorious…folksy yet progressive…and so lie-ey.

So, sure, the academic legend of Joe Biden, super genius of, you know, the thing…grows.

So, in prep for the debate, Biden is starting chuck some big ass lies about Trump.

When Biden was asked during an interview with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle how he would combat Trump’s repeated claim that he was pushing a socialist agenda, the former vice president didn’t mince words.

Trump is “sort of like Goebbels,” Biden said

Source: ‘He’s sort of like Goebbels’: Biden compares Trump to Nazi propagandist – POLITICO

Look, you know, this is sort of sad. The left has, as a group, read one book, watched one TV show, and know of one historical figure.  You can figure out what those are by their sad tweeting.   In general, when someone says silly shit like this, the proper response is generally…”no, of course not, you idiot.  Not even a child can make that connection”.  But I believe that the left loves their trial balloons and maybe they focus grouped this…and maybe it focus grouped better than the Biden Riots led by the Biden Rioter Brownshirts.

So, maybe Trump will have to stand there during the debate, make a big face, and say something along the lines of ‘”If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” was the lie of the year,



Is it really Goebbelesque lying to say that Biden supports socialism?  I dunno, what does Biden support?  What does he support when you ask him about it?  You know Biden’s typical reaction when asked about his policy positions is to get testy and challenge the questioner to bouts of physical strength.  It seems that Biden’s recollection about his policies doesn’t align with the things people say and do around him.  So, if his Biden Rioters are out beating up elderly people for socialism, if blm is scrubbing their website about their values, if he forgets that he selected Beto O’Rourke as his gun czar and AOC as his whatever, the thing, czar…then is that really his problem? Is it Trump’s problem?  At this point, the left has projected their values onto the GOP since the 40’s.

By now we are used to Democrats calling Trump literally Hitler, just as they did for George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, etc., but Siegel points out that this favorite liberal calumny began at least as early as 1940

Source: Democrats and Their Reductio ad Hitlerum Slander | Power Line

It’s not really clear what they mean, except that people they don’t like are bad. The real question is will Biden lead with this?  Will Biden respond to the collective gasp of how stupid this is by folks pointing out this sort of talk is just not that cool…especially coming from the alleged moderate leftist the DNC decided to run for president.

Sorry, folks, apologizing is not really in Biden’s wheelhouse.  Lying and wildass statements are. The debates might be lit as Biden goes full revolutionary on stage before falling asleep but at the end of the day, it’s not about Biden.  It’s about Trump puffing his record.


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