Biden Successfully Evades 3AM Phone Call GOP Talking Point

As Biden calls a “lid” every day at 9:30 am, some people have taken this to mean that Biden is not actually a viable candidate, just a walking gas bag that farts gaffes and lunacies at random.  Of course, those people are Republicans because all truly civil and educated people know that Biden has this wrapped up, the polls are in and he’s up by at least 10 points.  Why, he shouldn’t even debate Trump, lest he somehow validate Trump’s legacies of lies by letting him lie some more.  After all, Republicans tend to seize upon certain right wing talking points and we all know that these talking points are just yucky.

Biden is so clearly skilled that despite not being able to wake up and actually campaign anymore, he’s avoided the dreaded 3AM phone call discussion.  He’s avoided most discussions, Jack, and if you disagree, you’re a dog-faced, lying pony soldier.  He might even off you to step aside so you can settle these differences like men…just like Corn Pop.

You do…remember…the 3AM phone call.  Who would be best at answering the 3AM phone call.  It was considered kind of a ding on Hillary, what with her letting Benghazi burn and the American ambassador get killed.  Trump, it turns out, only sleeps about 15 minutes a day and has what he terms “high energy”.  Trump answers the 3AM phone call.  TRUMP IS the 3AM Phone Call.  Tell that to Soleimani.

Anyway, this was so …dare I say crucial, that Hillary had to copy it and the various fake news implements supporting her had to fact check it to say…akkkshually, presidents don’t answer phones.

You know, Hillary, when not 3 sheets to the wind, and not actively encouraging an ISIS caliphate in the Middle East by creating instability…she’d totally answer the 3am phone call.

But Joe is the future…losing democratic candidate…right now.

And Joe is in the fight.  He just doesn’t want to do too much ground work.

So, calling a lid.  He does it a lot. He isn’t campaigning.  Hillary forgot to campaign in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania…Biden…well, there’s a website to keep track of him calling it a day.

Has Joe Biden Called a Lid Today? [ 25 Sep 2020, 12:00 PM EDT ]


Source: Has Joe Biden Called a Lid Today?

And what a whirlwind Joe is when he does get out of bed.  He can draw one .. two…dozens of people to his …you know, the thing.

Of course, everyone uses prompters…we’re not Fredrick douglas here.  Speeches are long.  But we don’t use them to answer questions from the press…I mean to do so would mean that you’ve been spoon fed the questions before hand.  And that would call into question the legitimate biases of the mainstream media.


There’s some larger points here. This isn’t the only Biden clip showing him answering questions with a prompter. The debunkers are going to work trying to say this isn’t so.  Whatever, what is really scary is the words coming out of his mouth.  Biden is going to freeze deportations?  Gee, I hope that doesn’t come up at the debates.

Anyway, that 3am phone call? Kind of hard to do when you can’t get out of bed.

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