Biden Voters Prove They Have No Idea Who Biden Is

It seems like democrat voters don’t actually know who Joe Biden is. In fact, you see folks online who brag about Biden being honest…honest..really.  Or that unlike Trump, who is orange and bad, that Biden is not a bully…what?  Biden’s whole thing is getting physical with people who ask him questions.  The mainstream media has completely failed in educating people about who Biden is and indeed what Trump has done. In fact, we had two relatively issue free debates between the two candidates.

Get a load of this Biden Thirst Tweet:

Biden hasn’t sniffed the truth in years, he’s a verified, well-known habitual liar. As habitual as his hair sniffing.

And as for bullying, Biden clearly loves to get in people’s faces when they dare question him.

Some recent evidence was found by Gateway pundit who noticed a spike in searches on how to change your pre-cast ballot in big-tech search engines.

Searches for “can I change my vote” surged on Sunday evening following the bombshell sex tape and email leaks from Hunter Biden’s laptop, including in the crucial swing state Pennsylvania.

Well, isn’t that interesting.  The second debate showing of classic Joe idiocy and smugness didn’t help.

…and probably the Pence debate performance may have altered some people’s minds.

Think about the real issues that people care about.  Where does Biden stand on them? Well, per his habit, he’s on the wrong side.  The media instead has decided to block and remove any content that approaches being negative to Biden’s campaign…

Most people are concerned about jobs and the economy. Biden will most likely end a lot of Trump’s deregulation pushes and increase H1B visa workers. This will be a negative for American workers.  In addition, Biden has taken credit for the Trump Recovery but that makes no sense.  The 2008 economic crisis persisted throughout the Obama/Biden admin’s 8 years. You can’t take credit for a 2017 rally, Joe. That’s nearly 9 years later and the recovery under Trump took place after he ended a lot of your signature policies and taxes.

A lot of people are waking up to Biden’s tax plan.  Yeah, 62% is a lot of money being taken from you.

One of Trump’s biggest 2016 issues, Immigration, has been completely ignored. Biden is for open borders, amnesty, and giving those illegals all the money.  Heck, Biden may tear down the wall. Biden spent a lot of time talking about kids in cages but hopes we ignore the cages were built by his admin. The contrast between Trump and Biden on immigration is stark, yet completely ignored in the media.  Also, Biden and his idiot base seem to not know basic facts about kids+cages.

Gun Control is another issue. Obviously, Biden said he’d put Beto as his gun grabber in chief while Trump is pro-second Amendment.  Another stark contrast.  Since the Biden Rioters are getting free rein to riot at will, this is becoming a bigger issue as more and more first time gun owners appear.

Immigration and H1B visas illustrate another huge gulf between the two candidates.  Biden is a globalist while Trump is a nationalist. The left has tried to turn nationalism into a dirty word but it’s a winning issue here and abroad. People are tired of waking up to be strangers in their own country.

Another issue that previous elections hinged on was the 3am phone call…by calling a lid for most of October and September, Biden shows he can’t even answer a 3PM phone call.

Speaking of the 3AM phone call, what about the Global War on Terror? Can Biden say Islamic Terror. What’s with him and Iran? What’s with him and China? What about actual foreign policy?  Remember that Biden was part of the Benghazi coverup.

Biden made an issue about healthcare but he hopes we forget he was part of the biggest lie of the last decade.

These issues show the media has failed to inform and educate the populace. The debates were sideshows that focused on dumb issues only hardcore leftists care about. If you want to be hysterical about The Vid or pretend brush fires are caused by slightly hire urban temperatures, then fine, you got your debates.

The Vid sucked but it wasn’t because of Trump’s Tweets.

If you wanted to be insulted about how evil Trump voters are while being told fa-fa is just an idea, well, you got that.  But the issues? Come on, man!

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