Biden’s Debate Prep Notes

People have opinions about the upcoming presidential debates between Trump and Biden.  That’s cute and all but let’s give real opinions that matter.  Both sides will be disappointed. Why?  One, the left has unrealistic expectations about debating Trump. And Trump supporters have unrealistic expectations about how bad Biden will perform.  At the end of the day, you can expect Biden to throw bombs that won’t land.  These debate bombs are memorized talking points that he’s …well, perfected is too strong of a word for someone who has not had any preparation…worked on a bit.  Trump has already said that he’s not really prepping. He’s president, don’t you know, he’s got things to do…like getting that third Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

Eminent law professor David Flint is among four Australian law professors who are nominating US President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize on the basis of the “Trump Doctrine”.

Source: The ‘Trump Doctrine’ earns President third Nobel Peace Prize nomination | Sky News Australia

First, let’s talk about Biden.  The average Biden voter is now a non-issue voter.  They care only about getting-trump, humiliating-trump, and dropping truth bombs on trump.  Most Biden Voters are also Biden Rioters so they’re also kind of hoping that Biden carries out his threats to take Trump to the woodshed for a butt-whupping or at least a push up competition. The Biden Rioter voter wants people to put Trump in his place, politeness is weakness and …you know…kind of insulting to them. Our norms require you get in his face.  So, I surmise that these are your liberal expectations.  Put Trump in his place.

But…Biden can’t do that. Biden has called too many lids, had too many easy interview, and …to be honest…has said too stupid things.  Then, there’s the Biden X factor: Will he sundown out?  Will he lose steam?  A lot of Trump camp is betting on this and I say that that is a bad bet to take. It’s a bad bet not because it won’t happen but you don’t bank on the other sides’ weakness as your strategy.  Trump has real arguments and real accomplishments that he could take to the debate stage against ANY democratic challenger, so why debate prep as if you’re going to debate an empty chair?

Biden’s rhetorical bomb throwing includes his less then amicable relationship with the truth.  Another lie from Biden that surfaced today is his contrivance that he predicted 9-11.  He predicted it in the same way he attended a HBCU.  He gave a speech that mentioned terror in September 2001.  That’s not the same thing in normal world but in Biden Brain, that’s close enough.

On Sept. 10, 2001, the then-senator from Delaware gave a foreign policy speech at Washington, DC’s National Press Club in which he complained about the Bush administration’s spending on a missile defense system, warning that an anthrax or other biological attack was more likely.

He did no such thing. During the hour-long speech, Biden mentioned terrorism only three times — twice in reference to biological terrorism.

Source: Inside Biden’s history of falsely claiming he predicted 9/11

The linked article also includes tales of Biden’s bizarre pro-Iran blunders…the natural response to 9-11 being to give Iran a bunch of money…

In the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, Biden also questioned whether it was worth going after the Taliban who were sheltering al Qaeda, telling Newsweek in December 2011 they were “not our enemy.

He even suggested to puzzled staffers that the US send a $200 million “no strings attached” check to Iran as a gesture of good will to the Arab world, per a New Republic report.

Source: Inside Biden’s history of falsely claiming he predicted 9/11

Biden Brain is therefore an unpredictable thing.  On one hand, Biden can lurch into his Biden-Ryan debate mode of bizarre rude behavior.

Biden Brain includes outbursts, lies, and crazy statements.  Biden Brain doesn’t really seem to have much policy at this point.  Biden has suggested a national Covid19 shutdown and mask mandate but backed off.  Biden put O’rourke in charge of guns but come on, man, he’s not coming after your guns…just weapons of war.  Biden made noise about putting AOC in charge of something but he is not on board with AOC’s plan to ban planes and fracking.  Biden may have supported defunding the police but then his Biden Rioters started polling poorly so now, come on, man, he’s not defunding the police…he just wants the police to be better or smarter or, you know, the thing.  Then, there’s the Biden insults.  This is what the crazy left wants but calling Trump names is not the same as insulting Trump, let alone putting Trump in his place.  I don’t see a path to “putting Trump in his place.” Call him Goebbels? Call him a racist?  Call him a killer of grandma?  These are stupid.  Trump knows they’re stupid, and he’s got a response for each one.  These insults don’t sting.  And each insult has a ready response.

So, “winning” is not in Biden’s cards.  Some may say that a Biden “win” is something less….something less than blowing Trump out of the water.  That Biden’s mere appearance is enough.  As long as Biden is cogent, says things that make sense, and doesn’t Nadler or Swallwell himself, he’s golden.

I mean, sure…if that’s your definition of winning, I guess.

But just showing up isn’t winning.  And the line between this win and disaster is pretty clear.  But as I explain below, that’s pretty much all Biden has to go for.  Prove me wrong, shock me.  How many Bidenisms does it take to slip below this line?

Biden does have an opportunity because Trump isn’t really prepping.  Trump isn’t working on Romney Debate One Level Competency here.  For all we know, Trump may feel that a WWE entrance is all that’s needed.  He’s had tough interviews with the press, he’s been using his mouth-word hole to make noises that makes his supporters happy.  Trump has been working.

Trump knows that he can parry any insult Biden has.

Here you go, Mrs. Liberal Wine Mom, take your best shot and I’ll predict Trump’s response…

“I’m corrupt, what about Hunter?  Where’s Hunter”

“You said the travel ban was a bad idea.”

“These riots are taking place in blue states and blue cities, your vice president has urged people to donate to their bail efforts…”

“Your son got a $3.5 million payment from the wife of the mayor of Moscow, that’s Putin’s corruption. You, not me.”

“I’m very respectful, everyone says I’m the most respectful guy. You’re the one who is groping kids and challenging people to fist fights if they ask you questions.”

“Before the China flu, because it’s from China, I had the best economy ever.”

“You wanted to give Iran $200 million after 9-11 and then the Obama Biden administration gave Iran a pallet of cash.”

“When I came into office, Obama Biden said that ISIS was here to stay. An ISIS-Muslim Brotherhood hegemony that you created.  I destroyed them.”

“Yes, I said Hydroxychloroquine works, I was told this by experts. It’s safe but your side politicized it. No, I never said to drink bleach, that’s silly and insane”

“Maybe blue governors shouldn’t have put people with the China flu into nursing homes”

What else do you have, Ms. Smart Girl?

That’s right…something about your three areas of expertise: Harry Potter books, the Handmaid’s Tale TV show, and the leader of Germany in the late 30’s last century.  You don’t actually know too much.

But I digress.  I’m just telling you the rules of the road right now. Biden doesn’t have the chops to get under Trump’s skin.  Biden doesn’t seem to have the rhetorical flourish to make it look like Trump is doing a bad job.  Biden doesn’t even have the policies to say he could do a better job than Trump in the future.  My point is what is a Biden “win”?  There is no win. But Trump might not win either.  At that point, what has been accomplished?

I want to end this post by saying it’s only related to Biden’s debate prep and strategy.  His rioters’ expectations and Trump’s expectations.  Biden is the default “other guy” candidate. He stumbled into the nomination because the DNC did not want Bernie.  Some folks think that Biden is a moderate, whatever that means when it comes to the looting left. His only real goal then is to be moderate. That’s his win. Be vaguely presidential and not scary.   I think Biden can accomplish that. Is that enough to swing voters or keep voters?  I don’t know. But that’s really the best he can do because that’s what Biden has been defined as.  If Biden wanted to be Biden, he should be campaigning more.  He shouldn’t be calling lids every other day.  He’s Mr. Default.


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