Big Tech Censors News About Trump For Your Own Good And Not Because They’re In On The Coup Attempt

Twitter has been helping American Democracy by making sure that no one can discuss the alleged voter fraud that allegedly gave Joe Biden statistically impossible wins in states that he won by dozens of votes thanks to alleged late night voter ballot dumping of allegedly hundreds of thousands of votes.  Youtube, Google, and Facebook likewise join in in this helpful safeguard against democracy by ensuring that people cannot discuss basic facts about the election. In addition, the legacy media, such as they are, also refuse to give any countenance to the unfounded rumors perpetuated by Trump, without evidence they will acknowledge. Basically, if your holiday travels involve an airport, you wouldn’t know the basic facts about the election other than Joe Biden somehow got more votes than Obama while losing every bellweather state and county in 2020.  Facts like these deserve to be withheld. Discussing these facts are also uncouth thoughtcrimes that will get your accounts blocked on your favorite Big Tech censorship website.

Let’s face it, the coup associated with Trump was not only helped along by local voter precincts in five cities but also by pre-orchestrated censorship campaigns by Big Tech and The FakeNews.  Jack and Zuckerberg are just as good patriots and  whomever it was tha decided to shut down the Atlanta voting center or who stuffed Philly and Detroit’s voter boxes in the dead of night after ousting poll workers. Without evidence, I mean.  Always say without evidence.  It’s a phrase that has no meaning other than, “you can’t make us have an adult discussion because we’ve got our fingers stuck in our ears going llalalaal”.


And this website, for one will not participate in any wink-wink rumor mongering concerning the 2020 election being stolen by Joe Biden wink wink.


First of all the news that Pennsylvania held a hearing on 2020 election fraud is not something that polite society should present to the littles.  Twitter agreed and, for the good of the nation, blocked PA State Senator Mastriano after he, without evidence, presented evidence concerning Joe Biden’s team stealing the election from Trump in Philadelphia.

Scott Adams likewise was restricted from posting discussions about Wisconsin having been stolen from Trump, without evidence, by his illegal act of presenting evidence.

Yes, this claim about fraud, without evidence, is disputed without evidence. Maybe Big Tech hates evidence. That must be it.

Some even claim, without evidence, that the claims about evidence are themselves not up to the standards of evidence that the left used to pretend they thought that Russia haxxed the 2016 election.

In another example of thought crime that Twitter decided to censor, lawyer to General Flynn Sidney Powell wrote a 104 page complaint for plaintiffs alleging that the GA and MI elections were stolen.  These 104 pages included evidence, without evidence.  Twitter marked links to her briefs as unsafe, lest you peruse evidence, without evidence.

For example, some websites are even linking to Powell’s GA and Michigan complaints here and here, for no reason other than to stick it in AP’s eye and ass that they have some sort of authority to call an election.  It would be untoward if anyone were to click on these links and read these disgusting tracts of evidence free evidence.


So, look, the fix is in and here’s the problem, we’re unfixable. We know. Big Tech, you know we know. And Trump knows. And Trump isn’t going out like some punk ass. So, enjoy your dalliance in light-coup work as you try to fix the news to prevent recounts and the like. It’s not gonna work.  And you’re going to get your comeuppance.

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