Big Tech Censorship of Donald Trump Election 2020 Recount and Conservative MAGA Voters Exposed

The 2020 election showcased the arrogance and grasp for power that the mainstream media, the fake news media, big tech, and a million little Stalins in-between are coordinating together to achieve.  Simply calling them Corporate Media as shorthand is necessary because there’s just too many anti-trump enemies to name if you care about free speech and maybe want to know about what Trump’s legal options for recounts are at this point. Instead, it was determined that things like anti-voter fraud efforts by the GOP are beyond the pale.  Twitter censorship abounds as folks who discuss Trump Team legal issue get banned. Facebook is cancelling groups who want to talk about Trump and TV networks are refusing to carry Trump Team press conferences.  We got a taste of this censorious attitude with Hunter Biden’s laptop where Corporate Media just decided…”no, you can’t discuss that”.By the way, like the mask? Check it out, be a fashion icon.

Forgive me, but I love this meme…it gets better and more relevant each time I post it.  “Can we see…” no.

So, what’s going on here….what’s the lefts’ plan?

Well, here’s the thing…we aren’t talk about Russians we’re talking about idiotic, batshit insane libs with credentialization gone amok. The plan was to cheat. The plan was to shame Trump into conceding as soon as possible. “That’s it? That’s the plan?” you may ask…yeah. They honestly wanted to shame Trump.

Shame Trump into losing. Hello..he promised us winning.  Well, I’m not done with my trips to the winning buffet.

So, here’s the thing. The left has patterns. They may not be smart and they can’t improvise but they have a script.  Their script is shame trump, silence him and his supporters while their braindead meat-suit of a candidate wakes up from time to time in his basement hospice and spits out some news about how he’s progressing with his oh-so-presidential transition team.

But for us MAGA’s, and for you Never-Trump asshole traitors who are coming back to Team Trump because the presence of a potential Biden transition orgy in the white house finally woke you up…be aware…Trump is fighting. He has people. I think you could help by volunteering, donating, and not being crazy.

Tucker blasts Fix news here:

But is that enough? Tucker gave the anti-burisma scam legs by dropping the Hunder Biden Laptop thing…even though the Hunter Biden Laptop endeavor was The New York Post’s story.  But Fox is trying to hurt Trump…Fox…or Fix…is now part of Corporate Media and wants Biden, if not for any reason other than to get invited to the good parties in NYC.


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