Big Tech Censorship Tries To Hide Trump Electoral 2020 Path to Victory

So here we are, nearly two weeks after the election was held and Big Tech is still trying to pretend that the left didn’t engage in massive voter fraud in about 5 cities across the USA.  I noticed that these cities seem to correspond to The Path…the election day braying of liberals sort of tipped their hand.  No, Biden wasn’t going to win by 12 points. Instead, the new liberal battle cry was that with a handful of selected states that should nominally go to Trump and their Senate seats…the liberal DNC hivemind would push Biden to 270 Electoral Votes and maybe even a democrat Senate.  At that point, all liberal pipe dreams would be on the table, court packing, neverending mail-in ballot fraud, complete 3rd world amnesty, reprisals against the GOP, more Biden Riots, and a million other blue poison pills. On the other hand, now that the dust has settled, the Republicans now have The Way.  This is The Way refers to how Trump can retain the White House in the face of overwhelming Democrat Ballot Fraud.  The lefts’ cheating has been identified and now it’s time to either reject these fraudulent ballots, decertify the tainted states’ electoral votes, and end up in a House State Delegation vote.  This is…

The Way.

Of course, the problem with knowing The Way is that MAGA-land may lose faith, Trump’s legal team could get distracted, the media could sow the seeds of doubt in a Trump win, or they could try to prop up Biden’s meat-suit into pretending to be president elect before the electoral votes are officially counted.

On one hand, it really comes down to a couple very easy things to understand.

First, there is no magic phrase or groups of words that Trump’s lawyers are going to put together.  The judge or judges in question will decide any lawsuit brought by Trump based on if they are of the anti-trump camp or if they’re not anti-Trump.   That is, Giuliani and company may lose and lose until they get to an appeals court, or even SCOTUS, who will be sympathetic

Second, what went wrong?  It’s quite clear that mail-in ballots were abused and flushed into the system so as to be untraceable.  Several cities in states where Trump would’ve won stuffed the ballot box.  The margin of fraud is kind of steep in the states on The Way.  There has to be an effective mechanism to toss bad ballots by the thousands.

Third, things like the argument “Dominion is actually run by hateful liberals who hate Trump” is not the same thing as “we have proof they changed votes.” If Sidney Powell has that proof, awesome.

Fourth, because of points one and two, any real solution outside of discovering and disqualifying thousands of mail-in ballots will be political. States will have to decertify Biden’s cheating electoral votes.

The fourth point is largely where the MAGA crew can shine.  Trump clearly won Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. The GOP State Reps need to hear from you. Trump would be well advised to spend the next week or two holding rallies so as to make listening to MAGA-land as politically relevant.

A final point is that big tech and media censorship is just starting.  Folks may have to start thinking old-school to communicate.

This post is kind of devoid of actual helpful hints and tricks.

Here’s what you can do.

focus on the real real..The Way:

That is, if you want to help…look for proof of people who voted wrongly. Focus on mail-in ballots.

Contribute to the various Trump 2020 election funds that are still active.

Volunteer for upcoming recounts.

Contact your state reps.



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