Bobulinski Tucker Carlson Interview Reaction and Analysis and Was It Believable

First, off…Yes. Oh wow, you don’t expect people with dirty laundry to actually be coherent and come across as compelling. Some fake cry, others are shifty and evasive. Why Tony Bobulinsky came forward is also interesting, the democrats’ own smear machine in the greasy, slimy Adam Schiff came after him, he asked them to rescind the smear that he’s a russian, and they said no.  So, it was game on. Tony did work with the Bidens, he was in the inner circle, and he has the texts and emails to prove it. Also, he’s incorporated with the Bidens and was apparently a decent Naval Officer.  His answers were direct. In fact, the only hint of evasion came when discussing his demands for the Biden family to call off the smears. “How did that go?”, tucker asked…and Tony kind of stopped to say “you know, things were said,” later adding he has former special forces folks protecting his family.  So, you know, I’m sure the Bidens were okie dokie with the whole thing.  It’s not like Joe Biden gets physically combative when questioned.

I agree. Compare this to the Russia Hoax reporting, it was straight forward, no “doors are closing in” promises that things will drop … this is straightforward.  No bullshit about bullshit unlike with previous anti-trump scandals.

Joe Biden lied when he said he didn’t do business with China.  Period.  Hunter was the bag man. They sold influence.  This is actual crime crimes.  And there’s sex too. Unlike the Clinton sex scandals, this doesn’t include fat interns or chunky liberal first wives…no, it’s like Father like son…

Again, like with all democrat scandals, the moderate, mainstream leftists…those centrist yet still bat-shit insane liberals are in full denial. We have full tech censorship. The NY Post is still banned from Twitter.  The Biden Thirst Tweeters are in full denial. It’s full Russia-Russia.  They are delusional. They have no idea who Joe was in the first place, claiming he’s … get this…not a bully and not a liar.  Whoa, sister, do you even tweet?

Again, Bobulinski was credible, I was not expecting him to be as sober and coherent as he was. All I can say is watch the interview.

Reading the Hunter tweets, you get a sense of his spoiled and whiny nature, they’re a hoot. Go to gateway pundit and see what else Hunter does with his free time.

There is still hope for the nation though, people are searching for how to change their votes…


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