Bombshell Busts Hunter Biden

Joe Biden has a policy free election campaign. He’s also, typical for Joe, got a fact free campaign. During the first presidential debate with Donald Trump, Biden said a lot of things off the cuff, including some notable whoppers. It may be true that Joe, at the moment he denied Hunter’s foreign payoffs (when he could tell the difference between the two), actually had no knowledge left in his brain about what had happened.  He may even have believed it, and we all know the Costanza rule, right?


That’s right…get out the way, man, there’s a fire!  At least that’s what Twitter and Facebook said about it all.  Twitter wanted no part of the Biden story.

Of course, the Hstory wasn’t enough of a bombshell to get Joe out of bed…

Facebook got in on the censorship too…

There’s the thing where you get so sloppy in your idiocy that you start throwing out forbidden words…

Indeed, the difference between facebook and a regular person who can get sued for lying about people is they’re not publishers that make editorial decisions, the Section 230 defense. So, it’s a bold strategy to start outright defending your censorship as an editorial decision.  Of course, if the tables were reversed…and this really is my least favorite conservative argument…but if the democrats were experiencing hostile pushback from a media source, they’d nuke it. Twitter would be offline. There’d be SWAT teams at Zuckerberg’s houses.  When it comes to Republicans, campaign finance laws are capital crimes, but with liberals’ free in-kind donations, you can bet there’d be no stretching of the rules.

A few years ago, getting information from a foreign national was a thing of value…said Ellen Weintraub but free suppression of bad stories about Hunter Biden, not so much?

Right, Paul Rudd…what is the point?  Well, gosh darn it, someone should do something about this.  It’s a unique opinion so I’ll walk you through it but maybe the GOP could do something about Big Tech.

But these moves by Twitter and Facebook aren’t just censorship, they’re power moves. What can you do?  Seriously, Republicans, what can you do?

Tweeting isn’t enough, folks. We have the DOJ…and the FEC.  Do something tangible. Section 230 isn’t going to rewrite itself. Oh well, once we get back Congress, we can pass some laws but it would’ve been nice if there was a period of time when we had the White House and Congress..oh right…the two first years of Trump’s administration that were wasted by Paul Ryan. When will we learn?

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