Second Presidential Debate Fallout After Trump Beats Biden Soundly

The second debate proceeded basically how I predicted. They talked about things that no one cares about, Biden tried to insult Trump while lying about his corruption, and Trump “won”. Trump won by being calm and defending his actions as president against the silly attacks from the left.  Trump even bragged a bit about his … Read more

Trump Biden Debate Two Preparation What to Watch For

This Thursday will bring the second and final debate between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. There’s a lot of intrigue about this debate as the Commission on Presidential Debates has decided that enough is enough and they will mute the candidates microphones so as to prevent each side from interrupting the other.  In addition, … Read more

How Biden Totally Won a Tough Townhall

Ok, this is obviously a joke. Biden did not win the townhall, how can anyone be happy with his answers or even the questions that were asked.  Biden and Trump had dueling townhalls and let’s explore what we learned from Biden during his time in the limelight.  Of course, from what I’m reading, Biden did … Read more

Liberals Hope To Avoid All Future Debates Interviews and Elections

Republicans continue to pounce upon their talking point that the Democrats are refusing to answer questions about minor policy points, like whether a Harris administration, err…Harris stewardship of the Biden presidency…would pack the Supreme Court.  Republicans are also seizing upon Democrats’ near total silence about their insane, retrograde gun-grabbing intentions.  Furthermore, in typical conservative right … Read more

Conservatives Can’t Admit Trump Won Debate One

There is a certain crestfallen tone on conservative media and blogs today.  They seem to think that Trump left food on the table, that not every point that could be scored, was scored. That Wallace cut off Trump so much that he never got land a punch.  These people also seem to think that the … Read more

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