Resist the Corporate Media and Big Tech Monopoly News and Censorship

The Big Tech censorship has gone on too long and we need to voice our independence. The fake news is refusing to cover basic news stories if they even maybe, a tiny bit hurt the Biden campaign while continuing to push any news item, rumor, or outright lie that will hurt Trump. The Biden campaign’s … Read more

Saturday Night Live Accidentally Entertains America with Jim Carrey’s Biden Impression

One of the biggest problems for the leftist entertainment media complex is that they’re not here to entertain you.  So, in the age of Trump, most media is just didactic anti-trumpism.  There’s only one joke and it’s always on Trump.  He never gets a zinger or funny line, he’s the perpetual punch line.  Why watch … Read more

The Boys Season Two Easter Egg Discussion

I always thought that Ryan was just some guy but briefly looking at his twitter history shows he’s watching The Boys for the political insights.  I’m kind of disappointed. I wrote a whole thing on The Boys Season Two Episode Seven and it turns out Ryan wasn’t being dense, the show is actually written for … Read more

Ryan Arey Finds Liberal Talking Points in The Boys Season Two

Ryan Arey is an alright guy, he scours reddit or 4chan or whatever to figure out the Easter eggs that popular media slips in our content for fun. You know, it’s a good time. What Ryan Arey is not good at is distinguishing between Easter eggs and liberal wishcasting in popular entertainment.  The Boys Season … Read more

Talking to crazy people on twitter be all like

Twitter seems to be a popular site, you can go on and post about your favorite subject.  It’s just a problem that there are a bunch of random liberals on there with strange…behaviors and opinions. I know, random people have opinions. This is a fact of life. What do you do when someone random person … Read more

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