Conservatives Can’t Admit Trump Won Debate One

There is a certain crestfallen tone on conservative media and blogs today.  They seem to think that Trump left food on the table, that not every point that could be scored, was scored. That Wallace cut off Trump so much that he never got land a punch.  These people also seem to think that the media spin suggests that Trump now has to account for the Proud Boys or whatever.  These are all just media distractions.

First, Trump bristled under the rules of the debate.  And the rules were silly and frequently broken.  Two minutes apiece?  Uneven rebuttal times.  It was a mess, as it should be.  You’d think the debate experts couldn’t have come up with better rules. That the candidates couldn’t have smoothed out better rules.  But so what, Trump was energetic, bordering on rude, and he always had something to say.  Biden … Biden had things to say.

I’m still concerned about Biden’s “republican cities” outburst. It shows he clearly practiced this line about somehow Republican Cities are the chief problems when it comes to Biden Riots.  How could Biden be so prepped on some Wallace question that came out of nowhere. Sure Portland may be burning to the ground but what about Tulsa’s 14% crime increase during covid.



Biden had a few humiliating moments, moments that did not occur to Trump.  For example, Chris Wallace …for all the complaints about him from the right…eviscerated Biden about why did you … since you are the DNC now … not call Portland?  Talk about a lack of leadership.

Then there was Biden’s early…while everyone was paying attention part of the debate…total flub when he decided that answering questions is not what you do at a debate.

Then there’s the confusion about what Biden’s environmental plan is.

What the right is doing is getting concerned over perfection.  Look at what the other side wanted to do.  They wanted Biden to come out and poke Trump and drive him into fits of rage.  The left wanted Biden, as an act of donor fan service, to say all the mean things to Trump that they’ve been practicing in the mirror.  Biden did say these things…they just didn’t land.  So yeah, Trump left money on the table in this deal but he still made his case in every exchange, he still landed vicious jabs at Biden when he wanted to not just because Biden said “shut up”.

What is insulting, from the left and from Chris Wallace, is this idea that somehow alleged rightwing groups…even if you admit they’re rightwing extremists…are uniquely dangerous.  This is one of my only two real “trump coulda shoulda woulda” issues.  We’ve had four months of Biden rioting, including race based harassment:

and Wallace is saying…akkkshually Tulsa has a high crime rate too, you know…

This is complete bullshit, the left have many, many more violent extremist groups.  And you know what, america is a place of free speech, we’re allowed, on all sides to have “extremes”.  But what the DNC has is their batshit insane moderates in their militias, BLM and antifa, groups that do exist, Biden, and have been extremely violent. you get the difference?  Extremist groups, that’s america it’s a problem…a bug, maybe a feature.  Blow off some steam, crazies, say some weird shit, you do you.

You get it? Capiche?

So, the idea…the insinuation that alleged right wing groups, according to Biden one, exist unlike antifa and, two, are more evil is itself an evil and insane slander. Plus, look at what it takes to be an evil right wing group, it takes fighting back against antifa, the group that doesn’t even exist.  Somehow, the Biden camp has decided that that also makes you an evil racist.  I hope Lin Wood sues the shit out of the Biden camp.

You can’t just call people these slurs, this is America and the repercussions are bad when you do it.  No, sorry, we’ll support the blue and those who fight back against the Biden Rioters, especially when the police want…and as Biden said, he doesn’t support the police ever using violence.

So Trump should have had a better response for this.  Oh wait, he did…and it was awesome.  The Super Predator Joe bit. Fucking Brutal.

But still I wanted more, a more intellectual approach that called out Wallace and Biden for this bizarre universe where only Right Wing Extremists are bad…just for existing…while antifa is just an idea, la di da.

Finally, the second Trump-Shoulda category is that he should’ve had more shit ready when he listed accomplishments, you know three nobel prizes and such.  His entire GOP Convention speech took about 40 minutes just to list that stuff. Come on, man. List your stuff.

But whatever, here’s the thing, Trump landed points every time he spoke. Biden is the challenger and just listed a few talking points and could barely articulate his policies.  Trump won.


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