Democrat Debate Talking Points Show Major Issues They Will Not Discuss

After two debates, one with Biden and one with Harris, we now see trends emerging.  First, it is apparent that Biden is unwilling to answer any question about packing the Supreme Court.  This is such a silly thing to not answer a question about that it is surely likely that Biden intends to pack the Supreme Court.  The left always telegraphs their moves and they’ve been pretty out and open about packing the court and adding new states to America so as to eliminate the pesky Senate Republican majority. and to eliminate the pesky Republican advantage on the Supreme Court.

It is also telling that Harris couldn’t even get her history straight during the debate. Most of the audience became curious about Kamala’s little tidbit about Lincoln.  You’d think by now we’d have heard about it.  It seems like Kamala called an audible because this trial balloon was poorly vetted.

So lincoln waited until the Senate was in session. And they immediately confirmed Chase?  Wow. What a story, Kamala.


There’s no evidence Lincoln waited because of the election but rather he waited because the Senate was out at the time, incidentally because of the election. You know, because 160 years ago, it was a bit harder for the Senate to be in session year round, what with there being no airplanes.

Anyway, here’s another issue that the Democrats don’t want raised at the debates. The outline of this missing leftwing talking point is quite clear.

Where’s their major issue of gun control?  Why, it’s missing. It must be because it’s an even bigger loser than climate change. Climate change is donor fan service drivel.  No one cares about it but at least it doesn’t really repel voters.  It’s just part of the landscape.  But now after four months of Biden’s Looting Maniacs carrying out Operation Biden Riot, gun rights are kind of on everyone’s mind. Ergo gun control is polling disastrously.

But now we have crickets.


So, the democrat debate strategy remains “fine people” and “trump’s tweets caused covid”.  Not exactly strong stuff. They won’t answer on Court Packing or even allow Gun Control to be brought up.

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