Election Eve Polling Analysis Biden v Trump Battleground States and Firewalls

As we near the end of the 2020 election, we see the quadrennial narrowing of the polls as the pollsters start stepping back from their insane democrat voting samples to at least reflect the actual voter turnout expected for an election where the GOP actually has a voter registration advantage.  Basically, the corporate media has continued to claim that Biden has a 10 point lead but…I can’t tell  where.  Maybe they mean that, thanks to Chicago voters…or LA voters, the national polling will end up 10% for Biden while Trump actually wins 300+ electoral votes.  Because, brother…Trump’s winning Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina, and Minnesota.  Also Ohio and Iowa.  Plus all the usual suspects that the GOP should get.  By the way, like the shirt? Check it out, be a fashion icon.

But look, you should go vote. Just to be sure.

Bill Stepien made a lot of libs sad by poking holes in their poll fantasies by looking at actual turnout.  And the turn out is turning out to be that “Generic Male Democrat” Joe Biden is at least 10% less popular than Obama or Hillary.

So, the story goes, Trump is better positioned than he was 4 years ago and the democrat candidate is not anywhere near as popular as he needs to be.

Kayleigh gets in on the action…

For those of you voters who are issues voters, here’s a reminder of where the candidates stand on immigration.

You got the guy who built the wall to the guy who is basically full speed ahead on massive immigration and amnesty. Just saying.

Another issue is abortion, you do know who is who on this issue.

There’s fracking. We know Joe and Kamala lust in their hearts to end fracking and most fuel consumption. And you can tell by the company they keep.

And this is just juicy…Mr Four Nobel Prize Nominations has Middle East Peace on his mind and the Middle East has More Trump on their minds.

And lest we forget, Biden is a creepy, corrupt old fool who just got caught with his family’s hands in the cookie jar.

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