Final Policy and Character Reasons to Vote Trump 2020 for the coming Landslide Victory

Some undecided voters and even decided voters may still be struggling to choose between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the 2020 election. A lot of ballots have been cast and yet people still have time to go to the polls and vote in person. I came across a thread on a popular conservative blog, ace of spades, and one person exclaimed he had no positive reasons to vote for Trump. Well, that didn’t strike me as too hard of a task. There are many real and convincing policy reasons to vote for Trump in 2020 to deliver the red tidal wave.
The question comes with a disclaimer that he’s trying to convince people who worship Fauci and watches too much fakenews MSNBC. Still, it can be done, from Ace.

I can’t think of a coherent argument for Trump, but maybe someone in the horde can?

Why Vote Trump?  At the end of the day, Trump put forward a very energetic, issues based first term to handle issues to, one, solve issues that he believed were hurting America and, two, to further create policies that help America.  I’ll list these reasons briefly.

1. Pax Trumpicana. No new wars, fighting with CIA and DOD to end foreign entanglements WHILE actually micro-fighting the global war on terror, including ending ISIS and castrating Iran.  These acts have made the world a better place while exposing deep rooted folks in government who are not keen on ending some wars.

2. Pax Trumpicana part II. Extensive peacework efforts and results with Norks, Israel, Kosovo and so on.  Four Nobel Peace Prize Noms.

3. Pax Trumpicana part III. New better trade deals with china deal and USMCA and exiting bad deals including Iran deal (which ultimately had goal of nuclear armed Iranian hegemony in Middle East. bad) and the Paris Accords which fucked USA in the ass.

4. Fixing the VA. trump very proud of this.  The VA has failed our veterans while protecting its employees.  This has ended.

5. The Gilded Age of Trumpism. Trump’s economic policies and deregulation push gave massive jobs and wealth.

I want to point out that Biden bragging that the Trump recovery is really, akkshually, obama and his recovery is complete garbage.

Joe seems to be bragging that it took 9 years to recover from the 2008 housing crisis. How can someone brag about a 2017 recovery for a 2008 downturn, you skipped your 8 years in office.

Add to that, um, Trump accomplished the Gilded Age of Trump by ENDING OBAMA POLICIES.  The Obama policies didn’t take 9 years to work, it took nine years to get rid of them.

6. Educational Reform. Devos pushing back against college censorship and the teacher unions destroying our kids’ souls. big uphill battle, one GOP never even tried.

7. Immigration. Big enforcement, fought many court battles, the wall, ending H1B abuse, stuff the GOP never even tried to deliver.

8. The courts, it seems like he did ok there with 300 seats including 3 SCOTUS picks.  These are good judges, not bitter ideologues.

9. The Vid. I submit he did great despite hysterical democrat politicization of every step of the battle against The Vid.

Trump had to reform the CDC and FDA and bring in big business for an all out push to bring American industries and government up to speed to fight COVID. He was ahead of the curve on science.   Follow the timeline to see how far ahead of the curve trump was.

February 17: Dr. Fauci says that the risk of coronavirus infection in the United States is “minuscule.”

March 11: The World Health Organization declares the coronavirus a worldwide pandemic.

Fauci, the CDC, the WHO, and FDA all downplayed the virus even after Trump closed travel.

At the end of the day, you’ll see that responding to Covid was a challenge that Trump appreciated and showed clear leadership on. On the other hand, the left used it as a political opportunity. They hysterically overreacted to Trump and made it about trump literally every step of the way.  Case in point, the HCQ controversies..

10. Criminal Justice reform, if letting folks out of jail is your thing.

11. Biden.  Biden is troubling.  I’ve made lists about why Biden is troubling. He is not a generic democrat but a mean, bitter, corrupt old man who was never very bright and has been tumbling downward from there.  He has a lifelong disassociation with the Truth, more so than the typical “But trump’s lies” nonsense…with very bizarre personal behavior. Today, he … spoke?

This is actually not funny…

Thanks, Sandra…but not for the reasons you think it’s not funny…

It’s not funny because Biden cannot meet the 3AM phone call let alone the 3pm Phone call.

12 Basic Law and Order. Sorry, but the Biden Riots are real.  antif@ is real.  And the violence we’ve experience for four months now has been aided and abetted by Democrat District Attorneys and very lax law enforcement. Biden, as the head of the DNC, has done nothing to stop the biden looting maniacs.

13. Kamala is a cop. Her record is … not good.

About Trump’s Character…

When I deal with people who think trump is a bad guy, there usually a list of the usual reasons: Trump’s tweets caused covid, first ask them to acknowledge trump is human, maybe he even wants to do a good…maybe that trump is actually a big tipper. becuse I think trump’s actually a very decent guy.  Trump hasn’t actually acted outrageous, you just need to step away and reconsider.

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