Gee…Biden got all lovey dovey again.

So…after finishing the last blockbuster super awesome post about how Biden is a lover not a fighter…Biden goes on TV and reacts angrily to a known lie.

Now, the lie about Trump making a bizarre…rather exotic statement about the troops (ahem, McCain) is about 25 ways to Sunday debunked.  As in, one, it’s stupid.  And two, there are no people left in the Trump White House left to corroborate the thing.  But that doesn’t stop Joe.  Joe lies like he lives, greasily and uncaringly.  It doesn’t matter to Joe that the lie is easily debunked and so stupid as to only be a totemic act of faith for the farthest extremes of the MSM DNC super party…it’s a lie and Joe must repeat it.

And get angry about it.  Because Joe has to let you in on his Walter Mitty Fantasy World.


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