Talking to crazy people on twitter be all like

Twitter seems to be a popular site, you can go on and post about your favorite subject.  It’s just a problem that there are a bunch of random liberals on there with strange…behaviors and opinions. I know, random people have opinions. This is a fact of life. What do you do when someone random person doesn’t like your opinion. In the real world, you generally act like a normal person. But on twitter, you know, when both parties are probably literally insane, you spiral out of control.

But what if you get inspired by a series of questions?  Check this trainwreck out.

My initial reaction is I don’t care for your tone, sire.  I am busy doing other hobbies.  Also, I’m sure he’s really a great guy and we’d get along, his poor taste in hockey and hair cuts aside.  Actually, no, he’s a goddamned looter too.   skip to the end for the shocking conclusion.

So, then I was like…discussion…

So this coherent thing wrote this on purpose because scott adams said something.

So, trump is completely incapable of doing it when it matters.  IT is I guess dress down bad racist people.  Trump just can’t do it.

to me, I saw where this was coming from and where it’s going:

So the first guy uses the N-word in his title.  He’s really concerned about the Socialist Workers Party from another country last century.  Somehow that fits into his world view, that’s how he presents himself to the world. “There are these WWII political activists* everywhere” he says to himself, his parents, coworkers, lovers, and strangers on the bus.  You get the picture.

(* I just don’t want the negative seo, plus this isn’t the history channel where I’m talking about tanks and airplanes).

But you get the picture, some antifa type who beats up people and burns down buildings because they think the name of anti-fa gives them carte blanche to beat people up.  “These people are evil” they say as they blind police officers with lasers, tear down statues, and throw feces bombs …and actual bombs…at people.  No my fellow revolutionary, the fa’s in germany were just regular folks who didn’t want communism of either flavor. Four months into the Biden Riots, I’m not in the mood to hear excuses from delusional modern brown shirts who think that the folks who beat up capitalists in socialist street fights 80 years ago were actually anything other than tools of the architects of WWII and the concentration camps and mass murder that every communist regime inevitably creates.  anti-fasssist, my ass.

Anyway, person number 1 is irrelevant. It’s obvious from his screen name and his hyperventilation at Scott Adams that he’s, shall we say, unlikely to be satisfied by any response.

So, when it comes to WS and WN, the Trump white house had several answers…which again, crazy guy number one who beats people up as a Biden Rioter would not care about.

and of course, Trump had the super predator response in which he basically torched Biden like the actual predator torched Jesse the body Ventura…

And also, wallace asked about this in 2016…

So this is the game the media plays. And a lot of conservatives are upset about it because it’s fundamentally unfair and at the end of the day, so what, there are people who are extremists in every walk of life. It doesn’t define us.  It’s being used to either quell the sad wine moms who have to justify why they’re voting for a non-entity like Biden who can’t even answer basic questions about packing the court, which police force endorsed him, or if anti-fa is real.  Yeah, dum dum, a-fa is real.



Or maybe they’re trying to get Trump to lose his edge over minority voters, apparently doing better than any other republican has.  The left can’t have that. They need to press this lunacy about hate groups, only right wing hate groups, you know.

I’ll ultimately judge extremists by what they do…say beating up old people at random, assaulting people while they eat, assassinating cops, looting/burning/rioting for four straight months.

And yes, there are racist left winger extremists that support Biden and who Biden won’t name. First of all Biden said antifa doesn’t exist.  He pretended, I hope, to be oblivious about the BLM asshole demands about defunding cops.  Also, he seemed to share in Wallace’s contention that CRT was just “sensitivity” training.  CRT is out and out anti-white racist garbage.  embraced by the DNC.

But if we’re supposed to ignore four months of leftwing violence, that has been embraced by the mainstream moderate arm of the DNC, you know..after all…that Biden IS THE DNC now, then if he and his veep choice are shilling for bailing out rioters and their staff does, they support them. And they supported them up until the Biden Riots started polling negatively.  So, no, that game doesn’t interest me. Are there bad “right leaning” extremists in America. Probably, it IS america afterall, people are allowed to say things.  And so, sure, why not. They’re bad.  But they haven’t been murdering people, blinding cops, throwing piss bombs, burning down buildings, stopping traffic and attacking motorists, and randomly beating people the fuck up.  And let’s not just gloss over the idea of burning down buildings.  It’s a big deal. They’ve done it for months. Arson. It’s bad. It’s in our culture. So burning down cities and such is real bad.

You did this, Mr. Lefty.

Anyway, let’s look deeper at what Mr. Point number 1 guy…

What makes one a right wing extremist to these nutbags?  Well, we can go to CRT lunatics or any run of the mill leftwing lunatic.  The short answer is literally anything you do makes you a right-wing extremist that Trump has to denounce.  And what sucks is this has been going on so long, you let all the good links go by.  But anyone with a pulse knows the leftwing racist playbook.

White racism is:

being on time, saying pull yourself up by your bootstraps, saying law and order, patriotism, nuclear families, capitalism, just basically every facet of society, not just American society but all functional societies, is subject to being considered evidence of, if not a crime itself, of white badness.  BLM had to scrub their website to erase their original lunatic nonsense about abolishing the family, Christianity, capitalism, and all the other stuff that made america great. Right, being a Trump voter is itself a sign of white racism and therefore to cleanse himself of this crime, trump has to tell the 63 million people who voted for him to not vote for him.  Yeah, great strategy, it’s inconceivable that we sniffed it out.

So, anyway, some links…

There’s a line between telling people they’re victims of an unrelenting, all powerful racial oppressor, and their eventual looting.  There’s a link between being told white people are evil and them randomly punching people and shooting cops.

Let’s see…marching bands are racist.

There’s the corporate HR “white fragility” scam where you are evil to your very essence.

If your category is “white,” bad news: you have no identity apart from your participation in white supremacy (“Anti-blackness is foundational to our very identities… Whiteness has always been predicated on blackness”), which naturally means “a positive white identity is an impossible goal.”

Source: On “White Fragility” – Reporting by Matt Taibbi

There’s the CRT training manuals that have been unearthed…you are evil, your country is evil…

In sessions 10 and 11, the trainers will teach CDC employees that they must “target” and destroy the values of “focus on the individual,” the “myth of meritocracy,” the “myth of American exceptionalism,” and “White supremacist ideology.” This is textbook critical race theory.

Source: CDC Violates Presidential Order with critical race theory training program – Christopher F. Rufo

but you get the gist…everything about you is racist.  So, what is trump supposed to denounce? everything?  And also, kind of convenient for the looting revolutionary Maoist left to wrap up race with the struggle against capitalism so that literally every aspect of any functional society is itself double evil as racist and fassy…since the original and current anti-fas, in a twist no observer of communists have ever seen, not, the commies lie about themselves to give themselves good press and hide their intentions. So when they say fa, they mean middle class and comfortable, rich, or poor and not voting hard-left.

Anyway, this person got upset that the looter who in no way would accept any evidence to the contrary was checked because I mentioned Biden, who has 4 months of actual lunatic rioting under his belt, thinks CRT is just sensitivity training (as if sensitivity training was ever a popular thing to suffer through), and also thinks that anti-fa is just a feeling, man.  And we’re not even getting into the, say, black panthers, muslim brotherhood, anti-semites, and other racists who make up the “lean left” extremists that Biden has to denounce.  So…

hmmm, let’s see how he feels about things.

ah ok looter, here it is:

So, guy #2 is just another looter who thinks that four months of rioting is ok, that this isn’t extremism, that attacking a federal courthouse to burn it down, is not a big deal, that instead, there’s a groundswell of commendable support to “protect” those who are doing the attempted arson from federal police protecting the building.  That the police are wrong in arresting arsonists because, get this, the police are illegitimate. So, there’s really nothing to be gained except to explore the space.  Trump must denounce WR…what is WR, pretty much everything.  And Biden is in on this racket too. Everything about America is actually kind of bad, we aren’t legitimate, and you didn’t build that.

And further proof that Biden is all on board, you didn’t build that, America…your heroes and Gods are false.  Why…you actually stole it from the oppressed…

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