How Biden Totally Won a Tough Townhall

Ok, this is obviously a joke. Biden did not win the townhall, how can anyone be happy with his answers or even the questions that were asked.  Biden and Trump had dueling townhalls and let’s explore what we learned from Biden during his time in the limelight.  Of course, from what I’m reading, Biden did not poop his pants or have a serious mental blackout. Biden did tell some whoppers though.  I wonder if anyone noticed? Of course, he took enough breaks though. I have to laugh after doing some research for this post, finding the blackout insane lunatic leftists who think that Biden “won” and somehow showed whatever it is a leftist lunatic thinks is a good showing.

Yeah, we can just let that lie there like the turd it is.  Then again, who knows, it may get retweeted by NBC, lest they be accused of showing too much favoritism by allowing Trump to answer questions or even allowing an audience member to nod her head.

The media wants to prosecute this thought crime.

Meanwhile, yes yes we all know, Savannah Guthrie asked a bunch of hostile questions and was really focused on Q-Anon.

Why is she focused on that instead of the Biden Rioters?  Well, because the Biden Campaign is down to one talking point.  If they’re not focusing on people at Charlottesville or Boogaloo Boys, then why not focus on other crazy stuff. Trump’s reaction is fine. He is not reading random internet forums on it.  So, he may hear Savannah say they’re the worst things on earth but his priorities, which is what makes presidents presidential, are on the Biden Looting Maniacs who are actually physically assaulting people.

Anyway, let’s go through some classic Bidenisms:

First, did you know that Biden taught law or something?  He’s not inserting himself into someone else resume…come on, man!

Second, Biden somehow perpetrated that he lived in Section 8 housing.

Third, apparently Corn Pop was into dudes and everyone in Scranton was fine with it.

Fourth, we still don’t know about court packing.  Apparently, he’s taking a wait and see attitude.  You know, there’s only two outcomes. It’s not that hard to decipher.

A nice catch here, fifth where Biden desperately brings up the bleach lie.

One of the reasons America has had a tougher sled on Covid than say Africa, German, or India is because we politicized hydroxychloroquine. It’s one thing to suggest it doesn’t work.  It’s another to actively pretend it’s dangerous.  This is the lie that killed thousands of Amerians.

Updated Biden lies…how about them Boilermakers?

Hey, here’s another…

Also sixth, whatever, they didn’t ask about Burisma or Hunter. Fine, we know that.  It’s a joke. If you want a bigger joke, look and see the horrible batshit insane leftists on Twitter thirsting to make biden winning a thing.  Soem good cringe.

and on and on…


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