Joe Cheated Donald Ain’t Conceding

The Democrat strategy for elections has always been count until we’re ahead and then stop.  Usually, this strategy has worked on smaller races and on smaller men.  But Donald Trump isn’t some jabroni, he’s the boss. And simply having a few hundred thousand fraudulent votes counted isn’t going to stop the election.  The problem for Trump has always been that he’s surrounded by sad little republican losers who liked to lose.

Folks who felt the need to be loved by those on the other side of the aisle…the looting, arsonous, insane other side of the aisle.

No, that’s not how you do it in New York City, you bischero, capiche?

Anyway, the GOP has had its fill of hateful, batshit insane, cheating liberals.  The surrender caucus has called it a day.

Steve Scalise ain’t having it…

The Path was the DNC’s way of selective cheating to get Biden to just barely 270EV’s.  Now the GOP has The Way.  Yes, this is the way…

Our path is challenging the votes on The Path. That’s AZ, NM, NV, MI, MN, WI, GA, PA, and NC.  That’s a lot of states but there’s been a lot of cheating.

The ultimate goal is to simply win.  The next goal would be to get these states decertified.  Congress can then decide the next president by state delegation. Either way, Donnie Two Scoops is going to be Donnie Two terms by the time this is done.

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