Liberals Demonstrate Actual Compassion While Looting With Love

After President Trump tested positive for COVID19, you know…the China Virus, because it comes from China, the left showed America their grace, compassion, and love.  Lots and lots of liberal love, so much liberal love that the American public started getting blisters and rashes. And bruises.  It’s a tough love, you know. More of a 50 Shades of Cray kind of love.

One person who was blessed with the tender love of the left was Rick Moranis.

Burn Loot Murder has been busy spreading the love.  You know, tight shoulder game thirst aside, liberal love is a demanding love.

Liberal love demands you drop everything and shout your affections out loud, on command.  Liberal love is also a jealous love…I got a kick out of this tweet…

Yes, the left is love and acceptance, you can tell them by the works.

Anyway, conservatives and people who don’t want to be murdered have decided that it’s time to love love with love. The problem with liberal love groups, in their 50 shades of cray style, is that it offers so much and asks so little.  It’s organized, it’s real, and you’re outnumbered.  Oh, if you fight this love, the liberal love arrests you, doxes you, and tried to force our president to say you’re a hate group.

loving the left back on their own terms isn’t hate…although the left hates it when you do it.

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