Liberals Fail Latest Viral Internet IQ Test

Look, here’s the thing. The “trump mocks WWI dead for being dumb losers who were dumb enough to die” is fake.
Why do I say that?
Because it’s the dumbest thing I’ve read this month. What the leftwing has done is take a minor Trump jab at John McCain and rewritten it for a whole class of people. People do not talk or think like this. Sure, people have opinions about soldiers and wars…but usually about ones that are currently relevant. But a war from 100 years ago? No. It makes no sense. It’s incoherent. Think about it. Ok, you did? We’re done here.

So, conservatives shouldn’t even bother refuting this. It’s insulting to our collective intelligence.

Instead, let’s mock the liberals who have dutifully jumped onto this.

First, let’s not forget that the mainstream, moderate centrist looting left has spent 3 months tearing down statues of war heroes.

Next, you may notice a pattern develop over the next few weeks until the election. There’s going to be some stupid thing like this every week.

Expect a repeat of poosy grabbing. Maybe another affair that didn’t happen will surface. Who knows. You just have to recognize that the PR brain trust that comprises the DNC think that this is like rolling out a rad new viral campaign. The problem with this is that merit is a bad word in lib land and therefore, these people are just not good at their jobs.

“But…” you might be thinking “…it’s not fair!” So? Who asked for fair? The old GOP never wanted fair, they just wanted to lose with dignity. Let’s ignore this with impunity. The democrats are like goldfish, you can’t say they never learn…it’s just that it’ll take you about 2 months to get them to remember where the shiny rock at the bottom of the tank is.

And so, finally, the problem is the left itself. You may believe in dumb things. For example, people may be right or wrong about masks and those same people can be pretty belligerent about it.

But at least you know, there’s a reason why people feel one way or another. One Karen read something that masks can suffocate her. Another Karen realized…”damn, there aren’t that many dead people…let’s make some money”.

But here, you have a dutiful fake news press corps jumping onto an organized PR rollout of a stupid thing. The Borg has spoken. The lefty brigades will now mock trump and magas for hating our troops. And you know what, in a week, it will be something new.

All that hate from Vietnam and the Iraq Wars? All the hate that the left gave us, from baby killers, Jinjis Khan to Abu Gharib? Never happened, why do you ask?

In the meantime, what are they trying to distract us from? Sure, the Biden Riots have corporate sponsorship and are now polling poorly. But hey…what’s this? Biden grabbed them by the boobies?

Judicial Watch announced on Thursday that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security for records that were allegedly destroyed by the Secret Service regarding a 2009 incident between then-Vice President Joe Biden and a Secret Service agent.

Source: Judicial Watch Looking To Verify Allegations Against Biden

How convenient, I question the timing.

So, chill. relax. This is one of those things that every lib will lockstep march with, you can’t talk to them about it, you can’t reason with them, you can only mock them. So, give us your best hits.

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