Liberals Hope To Avoid All Future Debates Interviews and Elections

Republicans continue to pounce upon their talking point that the Democrats are refusing to answer questions about minor policy points, like whether a Harris administration, err…Harris stewardship of the Biden presidency…would pack the Supreme Court.  Republicans are also seizing upon Democrats’ near total silence about their insane, retrograde gun-grabbing intentions.  Furthermore, in typical conservative right wing fashion, GOP talking points about Biden supporting/resisting defunding the police, supporting/banning fracking, supporting/denying the Green New Deal…and other bizarre right wing talking points about things that could only be considered important if you were to actually ask voters.

First, Biden refuses to answer basic questions on basic policy:

Second, I am amused by the lefts’ insistence on debating and even luxuriating in 1% issues.  Some folks are upset that the American public are not ablaze with the knowledge that, akkshually, it was Hillary who colluded with Russia to hack our democracy.

Yeah, dummy, it’s always been a ONE PERCENT issue. no one cares.  So, if Trump colluded, meh. If, duh, Hillary colluded, then also meh.

Sure adding a dozen states to pack the Senate and half dozen liberal pink haired weirdos to the Supreme Court isn’t hacking anything, right.  Come on, man!

Here’s a crazy idea for future Republican leaders…you don’t need the lefts’ permission to seek justice when they break the law.  It’s weird but I looked it up. Liberals can be prosecuted without their acquiescence.  Try it some time.

In fact, while the left seeks to avoid future debates, elections, interviews and other inspections of their talking points, plans and policies, it’s helpful to review what they’ve let be know thus far.

In a word, it’s hysteria. And Trump should call them out on it.

The china virus…from china after all…was a global pandemic. They’ve acted hysterical through every step of the way.  Call them out on it. Were there mistakes?  Sure, but you know these were the mistakes from the experts.

It turns out that with a global pandemic there’s no right answer. Shut down, don’t shut down…you end up in the same place.  Covid wasn’t the spanish flu. You wonder why some countries did better…it’s because they either could pull a complete shutdown or they had pre-existing massive hydroxychloroquine use in effect.  Or they lied.

What other one percent issue is the left going on about?  Climate change. Oh there’s fires in fire country, tornadoes in tornado alley, hurricanes in hurricane alley and farts in a bean factory.  That’s not proof, that’s history and improper management of land.

There’s the stupid thing about his taxes…as if the left has proposed what the proper personal tax charge for Trump in 2016 should’ve been.  Most normals are of the opinion, if he followed the law and paid less, good for him.  BTW, in one of Biden’s more insane asides in the first debate, he promised to basically end all tax loopholes for his rich liberal friends. Do you believe that?

You know what issues actually matter to the electorate by how the left changes their talking points about things.  The Biden Riots by Biden’s Looting Marauders is an example. Kamala’s support of looters put her in the closet for several weeks until it was required that she come out and debate Pence. She did a bang up job. eh?  As I’ve said, Kamala is so repulsive a creature that any one of Trump’s unforgivable sins wouldn’t look so bad to the average undecided voter.

So, what…you may ask is the problem.  I think, if anything, there is no problem, just a lack of proper Trump marketing. Trump shouldn’t bother with Biden.  Biden is a guy who was instructed to insult trump.  And we know the insults.  Trump knew…man…he knew!!!…about covid. Did he though?  He was being advised by world health experts it wasn’t a big deal.  He was on the vanguard. Remember that. Fauci and the whole expert class were late to the party, Trump might have known…but he wasn’t staring through a crystal ball…he had an inkling that the Chinese weren’t torching the city of Wuhan for shits and giggles.

So, instead of being defensive with the usual lefty talking points…point out that they’re hysterical.  Trump disavowed and cut off the WHO for a reason.

The DNC talking points then come down to a list of personal attacks against various misrepresentations of what Trump did or said.

There’s no policy even being attempted. The Biden replacement GND is what…tear down good buildings to rebuild them?  That’s fucking silly. Hey, have you noticed that the moderate leftist position is pro-looting?  Yeah, we’ll talk about extremists. Your very leftist center is extremism itself.  Also, you know, they want to tear down our history…statues and things of that nature.


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