Listen, Fat, Biden Doesn’t Lie…Ever!

So this may shock you, that some celebrities are butthurt about Trump.  I was pursuing Twitter when I came across Steven King’s sad tweets about Trump.  But what caught my eye was an even sadder liberal reply to King.  Now, when this particular liberal isn’t out burning down stores and rioting, he’s on twitter…as most liberals seem to do.  Anyway, I caught a load of this:

So…first Stephen King accuses Trump of Draft Dodging and Adultery, unaware of Biden’s deferments and … I believe the old timers called it “conversation” … with Dr. Jill Stevenson or “tortious interference”.

But don’t worry, Stephen, people helpfully pointed this out.  So anyway, Mr. Dr.  Jill Biden started dating Dr. Jill Stevenson while Dr. Jill was still married to Mr. Dr. Jill Stevenson.

Ok, fine.  Stephen King is a dumb liberal but he also supplied about 15% of America’s supply of scary stories, movie plots, and cultural touchstones.  I’m still a fan.  Anyway…So first, a wee bit of adultery.  Second, five deferments for Joe for Childhood Asthma.

Documents provided by the Obama campaign indicate that Mr. Biden received a classification questionnaire in October 1963, when he was enrolled at the University of Delaware, and received his first 2-S student deferment a month later. More deferments came in roughly 12-month intervals, the last in January 1968, shortly before he graduated from law school at Syracuse University. In April 1968, when he was 25, Mr. Biden was disqualified from service because of asthma.

Source: Biden’s draft deferments equal Cheney’s during Vietnam War – Washington Times

So, yeah, just a typical day on twitter…dumb libs saying dumb things…proving there’s an inverse relation between knowledge and liberal outrage.

But then you see the kicker…someone chimed in that “at least Biden doesn’t lie”, you know compared to Trump. Now, we’ve heard that Trump has lied 30,000,000 times as president.  And these lies, are of the sort where “trump said Tom was a great guy, a really great guy”.  And the fact check is like “Tom is just ok, not great, so trump lied”.

And then you realize, there are Joe Biden supporters who think that Joe Biden doesn’t lie.  How do you get that idea? Anyway, I started listing them and even I didn’t get to his biggest whoppers until a few days later because Biden’s lies are ubiquitous, like the air around you, like Stephen King’s cultural contributions…you are no even longer aware of them, they’re just there.  Like the cobwebs on your vaulted ceiling.

So let’s go through them.  And this is by no means an exhaustive list.  I mean, you’d need to get a full time job to even parse Biden’s 2012 debate performance against Paul Ryan. The guy just is a force of nature.

A sniffing, groping, creepy force of nature.

So the first things that came to my mind, based on recent events were:

Scott Adams, in particular, has been railing against the “very fine people” hoax which is now the central theme of Biden’s 2020 election pitch.  “Trump said nice things about bad people”.  That sort of weak shit sauce is about the best you can do.  And it’s false.

Lies 2-6 are recent Biden bullshit that he’s pulled out of his ass as he goes off teleprompter in interviews.

On Thursday, Biden said Trump had made an Iranian nuclear weapon more likely despite his claims to the contrary. “Iran is closer to a weapon now than we were when we left office in 2017,” he said, according to a press pool report sent out by his campaign.

Source: Biden Says Iran Closer to Nuclear Weapons Under Trump, Would Re-Enter Deal

Of course, a nuclear Iran was always the Obama/Biden regime’s plan.  The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in May 2018 was never even signed by Iran or obeyed.  It had no teeth, it was cover.

It turns out that the Obama administration not only acknowledged that the deal wasn’t a treaty (obvious enough), but it also admitted that it wasn’t “an executive agreement” or even a “signed document.” Here are the key paragraphs: The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is not a treaty or an executive agreement, and is not a signed document. The JCPOA reflects political commitments between Iran, the P5+1 (the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, China), and the European Union

Source: Obama Administration: Iran Deal Not a “Signed Document” | National Review

As for Bush and NAFTA, I feel this is kind of incoherent.  We know that Obama/Biden gave away the barn on trade stuff, you know, after Bush was president.  Even so, Biden kinda lies here by omission, forgetting to admit he voted for the damn thing in the first place.

“What I say to that is, number one, the Bush administration did not keep its commitment on NAFTA, number one, and it was a mistake, number one,” he said, then went on to attack Trump’s claims that he brought manufacturing jobs to Michigan. Biden didn’t mention that he voted to approve NAFTA in 1993 when he was a senator from Delaware.

Source: Biden slams Bush over NAFTA but doesn’t say he voted for it

Is it a lie when Biden says that 6000 service members were killed by COVID 19?  Yeah, it’s a political hit job. Right?  Biden and the lunatic left seems to think that America was not supposed to have any deaths from a global pandemic.  So, yeah, it’s a lie, a stupid lie that’s compounded by Biden’s fuzzy brain nonetheless.

Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden said Wednesday that more than 6,000 military members have died from coronavirus, Department of Defense (DOD) statistics show the real number is just seven deaths.

Source: Joe Biden Claims 6,000 Military Members Dead From COVID. The Real Number Is 7 | The Daily Caller

Flip Flopping on Fracking is another major lie.  You lie during the primaries, as you go further and further left to remain relevant and now you ignore your commitments to no fracking.  Sad.

During the primary season, as he worked to secure the votes of his Party’s left-leaning voter base, Mr. Biden has promised at various times to enforce a policy of “no new fracking” in his administration; to end the use of oil and natural gas in the United States; and to end new drilling on federal lands in the U.S. While promises like those and others played well to the voters in Party primaries around the country, they have the potential to come back to haunt Biden during the general election in key swing

Source: Joe Biden Tries To Clean Up His Fracking Mess

And there are the Biden Riots.  Biden has made a mess of this.  His veep pick sent out tweets supporting the riots, supporting their bail programs.  He was silent for three months while his voters burned down communities and beat people up.  But then the polling finally started impacting him and his handlers made sure he made noise about the riots. These were all lies, stupid incoherent lies but whatever.  It’s all trump’s fault, he was causing them, trump voters were the problem, people who fought back against the lefts’ hateful rioters were the problem.  And so on…

“Needless violence won’t heal us,” Mr. Biden said on Twitter. “We need to end the violence — and peacefully come together to demand justice.” On Thursday, Mr. Biden sought to go on the offensive, saying the violence right now is happening on Mr. Trump’s watch. “These are images from Donald Trump’s America today. The violence we’re witnessing is happening under Donald Trump. Not me. It’s getting worse, and we know why,” he said in a statement. “Donald Trump refuses to even acknowledge there is a racial jus

Source: Joe Biden, Democrats rethink riots response as law-and-order message lifts Donald Trump – Washington Times

And you know, the thing is, the more you think about it, the easier these things get….the next tweet practically wrote itself:

Pretty easy flip flops and lies to work on.  Joe Biden on guns, defunding the police, and his idiot son.

These are coincidentally groupsed together because the Biden Brain response has been to challenge people to push up contests when they bring these things up.

“You’re a damn liar, man, that’s not true,” Biden responded. “And no one has ever said that, no one has proved that.”

After the man pushed back again, Biden replied, “You said I set up my son to work for an oil company, isn’t that what you said?

Get your words straight, Jack!” The man, 83, also challenged Biden on his age, saying, “You’re damn near as old as I am. You’re too old. I’m 83 and I know damn well I don’t have the mental faculties I did when I was 30 years old.” Biden replied by challenging the

Source: Biden has heated exchange with man, challenges him to push-up contest

Wow, they’re even lying about the famous “look, fat…” exchange:

A Biden campaign advisor insisted Thursday that the former vice president never fat-shamed a man who tangled with him during an Iowa campaign event, even as the phrase “look, fat” took off on social media.

Source: Joe Biden ‘look, fat’ remark denied by campaign – Washington Times

Now, you see, Biden is a 70+ year old man who is desperate to prove he’s full of vigor, so it leads to his bizarre outbursts like challenging grown, younger men to pushup contests and/or fist fights, like he did with one concerned autoworker who challenged him on his potential gun grabbing.  What I find great about this is that, according to lib world, calling the union kid “full of shit” should mean that Biden thinks that all union workers are full of shit. Right? If it works for Trump and McCain, it has to work for Biden here.

DETROIT — Former Vice President Joe Biden told a factory worker he was “full of s—” at a campaign event here after the man claimed the Democratic presidential candidate was going to take away his guns. The heated altercation happened during a meet-and-greet with workers at a Fiat Chrysler assembly plant ahead of Michigan’s crucial primary. While supporters were waiting in line, Biden was immediately confronted by a worker who claimed he would try to do away with his Second Amendment right after seeing vi

Source: Biden hurls curse word at worker who challenges him on guns

No one knows what Biden is saying here, but I’m calling it a lie nonetheless.

And then there’s Biden’s complicity in the ongoing Russia Hoax.  You may have heard about it.  It consumer the country for 3 years.  Biden was there in the beginning, coming up with ways to frame General Flynn.  So, in this way, Biden’s denials and silence over 3 years of the Russia Hoax and the Flynn Setup are huge lies.  Also, I guess the set up of General Flynn also goes to show that Biden is anti-military, because that’s how lib brains work now.

You see what’s going on here.  Biden lies just pile up like stray socks in the corner of the laundry room.  As Biden declines in faculty, he now uses teleprompters to answer questions from friendly reporters.  Biden has even pulled one or two Ron Burgundy’s now where he’s read the stage instructions.  Biden’s campaign is lying by denying Biden’s teleprompter use:

And then there’s Biden’s insane COVID talking points.  Against the travel ban in February, for it now, and so on…

Which brings us back to how Biden’s plan now is to ignore things like promoting actual policies and run on a very 2016 campaign of “trump bad”.  Another lie is where he tattles on Trump, saying trump called COVID a “hoax”.  Well, no…English speaking people know that Trump called the batshit, insane leftwing fakenews about his handling of the wuhan flu to be a “hoax”.  But whatever, a lies a lie, and Biden is lying in order to try to ding trump on Covid.

And then we can get into some of the classics, having basically covered everything that Biden has said since he started running for president.  The classics include lying about his academic prowess. Really. He lied about it.  Why?  Would anyone be fooled?  Just making me shake my head in disbelief.

It’s pretty glorious…

And there’s more …

Then there’s Neil Kinnock’s speech. Biden copied it. Period. Some say Biden … ooopsies…forgot to “credit” Neil.  But how does that work?  The speech was turned into Biden’s family’s life story.  What, was Biden supposed to suddenly say, “now really, this was Neil Kinnock’s family, not mine.”?  No, he plagiarized it.

The first part of an old news report highlights how Biden appeared to use the exact words of Neil Kinnock, a British Labour Party leader. Comparing the speeches, it is tough to imagine that these two men had the exact same thoughts. And since Kinnock made his speech before Biden made his, there is no way the Labour Party leader was the plagiarizer. In fact, Biden admits to using Kinnock’s words in a later clip included in the video.

Source: Devastating 30-Year-Old Video Shows Biden Being Caught Repeatedly Lying for 5 Minutes Straight

We won’t even touch on Trump’s complicity with Biden on the biggest lie of the past decade…if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. But that was a lie, and if Biden wants to ride on Obama’s coattails…then he owns it too.

“If you like your health care plan, you can keep it,” President Barack Obama said — many times — of his landmark new law. But the promise was impossible to keep. So this fall, as cancellation letters were going out to approximately 4 million Americans, the public realized Obama’s breezy assurances were wrong.

Source: PolitiFact | Lie of the Year: ‘If you like your health care plan, you can keep it’
You know. You can go on about Trump, but his lies are of the salesmanship, glad handing variety. Jake’s a great guy, really.  This car is super.  He kept his promises, he built the wall and did some other stuff too.  You may have heard about the double peace prize nominations…?

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