Media Reactions to Debate One Show Biden Reduced To One Talking Point

The problem with high…I’m not going to say “information” … but the problem with people who pay a lot, maybe too much attention to politics…is they watched the debate with too much expectations.  While it was silly to think that Biden would poop himself on stage and wander off looking for a glass of warm mile, your being disappointed that he didn’t is silly.  If you’re a highly invested liberal, who supports Biden because…well, we know you don’t care about issues or really anything outside of some deep seated mental issues about Trump…because…well, let’s skip your because…you wanted -the Biden ride or die voter- wanted Biden to rip into Trump, to tell him that Trump’s racist, a bad guy who lusts after his daughter, that Trump is the worst president ever, that Trump should shut up, and that Trump is a clown.  you know, people who look like this:

or look like this:

Yeah, soi boy…you got that.  Did it work out the way you wanted it to?  No. These silly insults were sometimes non sequitors, a bit forced, and totally fell flat.  Trump wasn’t moved at all. Hell, Chris Wallace didn’t even bothering reprimanding Biden about these silly insults.  In fact, it reminded me of the A Place for Mom commercial when the actual “mom” speaks up unexpectedly and the commercial cut poor mom off.

So, yeah, look at it through the liberal’s eye.  Biden is already presidential jack, he just wanted to show Trump up.  Did that happen?  No. Why?  Because no one even cared that Biden was acting like a jackass.  In fact, Trump just said…”ah, it’s go time.”

What Biden did do is have a bunch of canned lines.  He went on and on about covid.  Slamming Trump on covid is hard when you realize that the “experts” were downplaying masks and the goddamned disease itself in February, and that Trump went ahead of the experts.  He knew it could be bad, as he told Woodward, but that revelation was his judgement compared to what hte experts were telling him.  See the difference?

And really, 200,000 dead…I mean…it is the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu.  The idea that America could escape death free is just silly.

So the media isn’t really replaying this attack line.  And they’re surely not going to focus on Biden’s embarrassing wet-fart, non-sequitor attacks against Trump…those were sad morsels of red-tofu for the most devout anti-trump loons out there.  Nope, the media is going with the Fine People Hoax.

Before we get to that, as I’ve said in other posts, the conservative sphere…those folks who are right leaning and know a bit too much about politics, they’re upset that Trump didn’t eat all the red meat.  that he left money on the table, so to speak.  He didn’t close the deal, per Trump’s art.  Well, fine, he didn’t get a chance to repeat his 75 minute convention speech detailing everything he did, everything he found out about the Russia Hoax, and everything he’s going to do.  He had two minute time blips.  Most normal people think Trump won because Trump, unlike Biden, knew who his kids were, what his policies were, and would say what his policies were.  If you’re dealing with a lame, soy by-product who thought solely that “trump was mean, boo.” then you should know you’re not dealing with a serious adult, move on.

Now, most conservatives are upset with the direction the media is going after the debate.  And they have a right to do so because the direction the media is going to help Biden salvage his dignity is repeat this Biden attack. It’s really all Biden has and we all know the problem with it.

One, it’s the mainstream moderate left that are burning down our cities and racially beating up people as they eat or go to church.  Period.  Biden said these people didn’t exist….they’re just ideas.  That he even supports the police.

Two, the idea that one “extremist” is more hateful or hurtful than another…without considering which ones are actually out beating people up, looting, and murdering folks…is stupid and insulting.  The Biden Media complex wants to pretend that it’s the alleged right-leaning extremists that are doing this. Who can possibly be this dumb to believe this?

Three, then it comes to the idea that the left has no extremists…nay, they’re just dream weavers in search of a better America for tomorrow, or some such nonsense. Yes, it’s an insult to ignore blm, antifa, black panthers, red spring, ms13, muslim brotherhood, and dozens of other actual extremists who are left-leaning…or who are actually the lefts’ pet monsters like Ilhan Omar.

So yes, it’s insulting and stupid and very frustrating.  and Trump’s response is frustrating. oh wait, no it’s not, it’s why he won the debate.  And why the media is ignoring this…or trying to fact check it out of existence.  Trump’s “Superpredator” attack on Biden was a war crime, it was beyond devastating and slow-joe just sat there and took it.  Do you think Biden is so far gone, so dementia riddled that he was going to point out it was Hillary’s attack line?  No, Biden don’t want that Clinton retribution.  Trump actually answered the question fine.  One way to tell that this is so is because the media ignores it.

It’s not Trump’s problem.  The media will attack trump, you realize that right?  Biden didn’t make a case because he couldn’t remember his policies…or worse, he wouldn’t say his policies.  So, we’re back to the last 5 years of stupid orangemanbad idiocy…which doesn’t actually help Biden get new voters.

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