Now Is The Time To Punish Wokeball

Most redblooded American men love them some sports.  But most sports these days hates their fans. It’s a conundrum. The solution to the conundrum is to fight back by not watching sportsball.

During the last three months of mainstream moderate leftist rioting, the big lie being peddled across all of Globo-Corp and their subsidiaries is the lie of the terminator cop, heartlessly murdering black people at random. In truth, BLM is a marxist organization with terrible anti-American values.  And then the fake news wants to make the BLM a fairly benign thing…a protest against injustice, racism, cloudy days, and stubbed toes.  And brother, has wokeball bought into this.

Personally, I started 2020 by learning to enjoy NASCAR.  But then this thing happened:

For fuck’s sake. A lanyard with a loop and Bubba Wallace is a hero.

A fentanyl overdose gone viral and all of the sudden even the NHL and MLB are kneeling.  Some guy in Kenosha resists arrest and the NBA playoffs stop.

The message is a confusing, idiotic mash of ideas.  But strain out the noise and it’s this.  You are bad. America is bad.

China though, they’re good.  Real good. They got nothing to say about the people who pay them to wear their sneakers.

Oh right. The police are bad too. There’s whole cities being burned down, folks getting attacked by BLM but we’re supposed to defund the police.  Nah, bros. I’ll back the blue so I don’t have to personally form my own gang to just walk to the corner store or to eat out at a restaurant.

The Redskins are forced to change their name because of said moderate mainstream leftist rioting and the message is “If you liked this team, you are bad”.  And if you watch the news, you’ll see that BLM is full of crazy people.  It’s not enough to generally nod along, “yeah, people shouldn’t be killed” isn’t enough because All Lives Matter gets you fired. You end up with scenes that are eerily similar to other Marxist, Maoist, and Totalitarian movements.

Well, fine.  Message received.

The Redskins are dead. There’s a new expansion franchise in town.  I suppose there’s an alternate fanbase out there.  I don’t care.

But the point for you is this.  Are you a pliable consumer or are you a man?  Right…you’re probably not a girl watching sports.  You’re a guy. Your girlfriend pretends to watch football with you.  She dresses cute when you go to the game, she makes dip for when you watch at home.  But she doesn’t love it.  Not like how I loved the Skins.  So, if the NFL thinks it’s Pink October Fashion Show did enough to make her watch the Expansion Team from DC…no this shit only annoys you.

It does not create a new female, woke sportsball fanbase.

This means you have power. You can tell wokeball that you are insulted and you are not going to put up with it.  In fact, RIGHT NOW is the time to do so.  There are no live venues, just TV.  They feel the pain when you switch off.  GloboCorp will still take clients to their million dollar perches no matter how awful the games are, the kneeling is, or the politics are.  But Globocorp won’t sit their asses down and WATCH the games on their own.

Despite meaningful postseason basketball being played on a daily basis, NBA Playoff viewership has dropped from 2.39 million average viewers in 2019 to 1.68 million in 2020. That is a 30 percent decline. Meanwhile, the UFC’s four preliminary cards since the promotion returned from its COVID-inspired hiatus have done an average of 1.17 million viewers across ESPN and ESPN+. That number is up 30 percent from what pay-per-view preliminary cards did in 2019.

Source: As NBA Ratings Mysteriously Fall, UFC Ratings Rise – Game 7

You are making a difference and if you can just wean yourself off of wokeball, they’ll feel the pain and embarrassment of not even competing with the latest release of The Boys on Amazon or Tucker Carlson.  That’s awesome.

As an added bonus, slightly less woke sports like the UFC with Dana White…who spoke at the GOP convention, are now more palatable, even with girl fighters.  The UFC is barely free.  The good stuff is, as they say, behind paywalls…but their ratings are up.  If the wokeball ratings decline more, the advertisers may force a lower ad payment scheme.  That’s sweet. That’s revenge.  That’s money.

So, I don’t know who you are, but if you like sports without kneeling or watching without being spit in the face, you need to go without.  There won’t be any other time in sports history where you can make them feel the pain. Cancel your MLB pass, your NFL Redzone, don’t watch the playoffs.  Just stop.   Don’t listen to sports radio, unfollow your local evening sports drive home crew on twitter.  Just stop.



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