Obama Advisor Transitions into Undecided Voter for Biden Townhall

There was a mole asking questions at the Biden Townhall. Now all the Biden thirst, liberal lunatics were complaining about the nodding woman at the Trump townhall…now obviously being a person who nods in agreement is a crime against humanity, being a democrat operative who asks questions of Biden is just dice. One of the more interesting things about the Biden Thirst lunatics is that they go on and on about Trump “lying” and so on but uhhh Biden’s career is defined by plagiarism and making up shit that he didn’t do.
Anyway, just check this out. Also, look how healthy Biden is … the man is like too little butter spread across too much bread.

That’s Nathan Osburn. What else did Honest ol’ Joe lie about…we found a few…

First, did you know that Biden taught law or something?  He’s not inserting himself into someone else resume…come on, man!

Second, Biden somehow perpetrated that he lived in Section 8 housing.

Third, apparently Corn Pop was into dudes and everyone in Scranton was fine with it.

Fourth, we still don’t know about court packing.  Apparently, he’s taking a wait and see attitude.  You know, there’s only two outcomes. It’s not that hard to decipher.

A nice catch here, fifth where Biden desperately brings up the bleach lie.

One of the reasons America has had a tougher sled on Covid than say Africa, German, or India is because we politicized hydroxychloroquine. It’s one thing to suggest it doesn’t work.  It’s another to actively pretend it’s dangerous.  This is the lie that killed thousands of Amerians.

how about them Boilermakers?

Who is Mieke Haeck?

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