Of course there are copies of the Hunter Biden Documents

Tony Bobulinski came forward as a whistleblower to further illustrate the nefarious activities of the Biden family, including Hunter Biden who left his laptop to be discovered and Joe Biden, the Big Guy who gets 10%. We know a lot now about how the Biden Family sold influence to China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Iran, and other shit holes. Biden lied in the debates with Trump when he denied any involvement or profits from this influence peddling. Last night on Tucker Carlson, it was revealed that a shipment of important papers was intercepted en route to him in Los Angeles. Brain dead liberals took this to mean that all evidence of Hunter Biden and the Biden family’s influence selling scheme had disappeared. I guess they figured that Tony Bobulinski himself was a document that had been erased from our history. You know, perfectly functioning big brain there from the Biden Thirst crew.
But duh…there are copies, you idiots.

From Legal Insurrection

many on Twitter who are asserting that Carlson is using “the dog ate my homework” excuse.

We have learned from an extremely reliable source in a position to know that Fox News did in fact keep a copy of the documents.

well, golly, you think?


Tucker was reporting a crime, they sent documents from NYC to LAX and they were stolen. They may have been originals or copies. Obviously if it’s important enough to discuss nationally, then you made copies and they’re in a vault. Tucker wasn’t saying all evidence about Joe Biden’s lies and corruption disappeared. We have the receipts.

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