Quick Answers on Who or What is Q-anon and why should we care about them

Trump was vigorously interviewed by Savannah Guthrie in tonight’s townhall meeting. You may think that Trump was there to talk to voters about issues that mattered.  But you are wrong.  You are wrong because you are stupid and do not deserve to know the answers to questions that you have.  You are instead instructed to stand by and observe Guthrie debate Trump about shit that no one cares about. In light of this…

So here’s a quick run down of verified facts about Qanon.

First, who is Qanon?

Very good question. No one cares.

Second, what does Qanon believe?

This is a very good question.  Based on my research, Qanon is anti-ped0.  This is by definition. Therefore, anyone who opposes Qanon is pro-ped0. Also, anyone who Qanon attacks, exposes, critiques or otherwise assaults in broad daylight with the express permission from local state officials are also pro-ped0.

Three, really?

Uh, these are the rules. We’ve had four months of Biden Riots where one side is defined by their name as if it was handed down by God, so why not.

Fourth, is Qanon dangerous?

only if you are a bad person who acts like Joe Biden.




Five, seriously, you’re my only source of info.  I heard that QAnon had “dangerous conspiracy theories”

First, of all, welcome to the Internet, I remember my first day on the Internet.

Stop that, that’s mean…

I mean, what do you mean…dangerous conspiracy theories…that doesn’t even make sense.

Look, I’m sorry.

You were, what’s the phrase…being guided into thinking something about before you knew anything about it. Groomed, you may say. If you’ve been conscious for more than one day, you know that the mainstream media uses scare adjectives when talking about things they want you to dislike. That being said, I don’t know what a dangerous conspiracy theory group is or how, if you don’t actually belong to that group, you’re supposed to know what they believe. I’ll judge extremists by what they do.

According to my research, Qanon has not rioted or burned down buildings or attacked police officers. Qanon has not played the knockout game with Rick Moranis or other elderly men or small women.  Instead, it is the Biden Looting Morons who are dangerous.  They’re the ones forcing people to public displays of submission and degradation.

Six, wait, why didn’t Savannah bring up the Biden Riots?

The news media will not bring up issues at the debates or townhalls that will expose Joe Biden as the left tries to drag his confused corpse across the finish line.  The debates have had relatively no talk about the biden riots, Burisma, or gun control.  In fact, Biden is more comfortable talking about child transitioning than any actual real policy position.

Seven, since I have you here, was Joe Biden a law professor?

No, Jesus…what?  Who said that? Also, Joe did not go to a black church. Joe did not live in Section 8. Joe did not “get his start” at a HBCU. Joe may have observed men kissing in the days of his youth but he sure as shit didn’t have a conversation with his dad about it. Biden was not at the top of his class at school nor was he on a scholarship.

Eight, I thought so…back to Qanon…

Let me stop you there.


Are there any other issues you’d rather be talking about?

Nine, you know I thought we were supposed to only discuss stupid shit?

Yes, it does seem that way.  We’re supposed to ignore Trump’s record and focus on picayune things. In fact, all that Biden has right now is sad insults.

Ten ok, what is Trump’s record?

  Since you asked, let’s see, off the top of my head…we can start with four Nobel Prize nominations for 1. peace in the middle east. 2. peace in Kosovo. 3. Peace-ish in the Koreas. and 4. general deescalation. You know, like with wiping ISIS off the map.

There was the pre-covid economy. His covid work. Deregulation. Fixing the Va. Saving the suburbs. Prosecuting the Biden Rioters. Ending Critical Race Theory indoctrination/humiliation camps. The China-deal, the USMCA deal, other deals…many many deals.

Is that a lot?

it kind of seems like it.


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