Resist the Corporate Media and Big Tech Monopoly News and Censorship

The Big Tech censorship has gone on too long and we need to voice our independence. The fake news is refusing to cover basic news stories if they even maybe, a tiny bit hurt the Biden campaign while continuing to push any news item, rumor, or outright lie that will hurt Trump. The Biden campaign’s sole strategy is hysterical overreaction to the things they imagine Trump did or said.  Biden does not want to talk about issues and that showed during the debates.   So what is the best offense or resistance to the Big Tech monopolies and the fake news?  Why mockery, of course.

Why not wear your prideful independence from the forces of fake news and fake polls with some cool ass T-shirts?  Big brain news, I’ve made a few designs you wear to your next Trump 2020 rally. Be a compliant voter!

Another fun design lets people know who told you what to think


And of course, a little fan art for the old red checkie

I originally used the Among Us guy to describe the insidious, invidious Mitt Romney and the other Swamp-Republicans but I liked it so much, I’m stealing to for myself.  These are my first forays into design and I’m going to update the store.  I’ll update as I figure out how to be artistic.

Speaking of the store, I got some Biden Thirst on my first journal entry on redbubble…how sad is this mind?  Why not visit my redbubble journal and share your mind?

I mean, yeah, of course…just another mainstream moderate lefty loon


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