Ryan Arey Finds Liberal Talking Points in The Boys Season Two

Ryan Arey is an alright guy, he scours reddit or 4chan or whatever to figure out the Easter eggs that popular media slips in our content for fun. You know, it’s a good time. What Ryan Arey is not good at is distinguishing between Easter eggs and liberal wishcasting in popular entertainment.  The Boys Season 2 is still nihilistic garbage, somewhat more entertaining nihilistic, garbage than Season One was, but with the China Virus wrecking our corporate overlords’ ability to provide fresh and tasty content, the public consumes what it gets.  In watching episode 7, the leftist propaganda was so thick, I could visualize Arey’s discussing each plot point as an Easter egg, and I was not disappointed.  Episode seven ran the gamut of leftist hate speech against pretty much the whole country.

It’s no secret that Ryan Arey thinks that liberal myths are Easter Eggs though.  His review of Thor Ragnarok distilled down to the dangers of nationalism.  Really. huh? Watching Ryan’s review of Thor, I felt like one of kids that Biden groped.

I mean, let’s do an akkksshuallyl, Ryan…

Thanos was a environmentalist whacko.  A terrorist with globalist…er universalist…ends. He was the bad guy.  Hela was the bad guy in the context of Asgard. She and Surtr weren’t stand-ins for nationalism or Trump’s border wall or whatever idiotic thing you said.  Hela, Ego, Thanos, Doctor Doom, Red Skull, Megatron, the Grand Master aren’t stand-ins for American history or ideals. You do know that, don’t you?

Back to The Boys

And his recent Easter egg hunt for The Boys Season 2, episode 7 runs the full gamut of liberal villains from Incels, People who say Cuck, members of the German Socialist Workers Party, Men, Fathers, Corporations, America, White People, Straight People, Christians, Trump, Republicans, and their four month long rampage of arson, looting, and murder in America where they attacked people at random based on their race.  Oh right, liberal mythmaking and wishcasting doesn’t fit reality. The left has long abandoned the Summer of Love and now liberal love is a looting love, a regular 50 Shades of Cray.

First of all, we get it.  The Boys populates its world with shit from the comic book.  “Hey look, it’s a Black Noir dish soap” ryan points out.  Great.  Got it.

But aside from figuring out that which comic book cover is actually in some incel’s mom’s basement dwelling, what does Ryan get at?

The Incel Menace

Let’s go through incels. Incels, as I understand the term, are men who can’t get none.  They’re shut out of the sexual marketplace and not by choice. Maybe it’s because they’re ugly, poor, or out of shape but it’s real. It’s tough out there. Most men get no hits on Tinder or Match or whatever.  There’s a co-movement to the Incels, called the Black Pills, and the black piller points out that charisma and all the stuff the red pills…the puas from 10 years ago…who thought they could gain an advantage in the dating world from self-improvement…all that stuff is wrong. It’s about looks. Women on dating sites are not interested in you if you’re out of a certain age or not of a certain look.  It’s a fact of life for some guys and it, by definition, is not a choice.  It’s also not an affiliation.

So, I see hateful stereotyping when this stuff happens.  It’s also a misdirect since incels are not a problem we face.

Going Woke Then Broke and then Blaming the Fans

But are incels bad?  Is it fair to call people, and use the stereotypical “living in mom’s basement while obese” slur, against these guys?  Are people like this prone to evil and violence?  Sorry, Ryan, the real Easter egg is that calling men incels as an insult is traced to Gamergate and other woke comic book establishments spitting on their fans once they go woke.  When people, fans really, complained about the crap that the Star Wars complex was putting out, the corporate reaction was to blame the fans.  They were quick to call their fanbase incel losers.

When folks complained about woke video games, the reaction from the corporate media complex was to call the fans incels. Blaming the fans, the stereotypical “living in mom’s basement” crew, is the basis and history of this slur.  And it found its way into The Boys.  The villain at the start of episode seven is emblematic of the fear of incels on the left, that they’re prone to violence and manipulation from the media. No, not the liberals burning cities and playing knockout games against the elderly and small women, that doesn’t exist.  The problem is the right wing media, of course.

Who is driven to hate?  Maybe it’s the blm’rs and other liberals knocking out old people in the middle of the street.  Rick Moranis being the most recent victim, his celebrity adds a little more notoriety than the usual video of people being attacked at random.  Not by a fat, mom-basement dwelling, incel though.

or yelling at white patrons while they eat.

If you ignore reality, then it’s easy to substitute your delusions.

Figuring out that a leftist hates talk radio and extrapolates a scenario where an incel watches too much fox news and talk radio and goes violent is not an Easter egg.  It’s the writer’s mental landscape of delusion.  During the four months of Biden riots, we’ve had some murders.  A Trump supporter in Portland was murdered in an ambush, the locals…fed on decades of leftwing lunacy had no sympathy.

Feminist Theories 

Next, Ryan goes into “Toxic Masculinity” and the problem with fathers.  This starts a bunch of silly nonsense about how dad’s train their kids to be violent.  Why Bill Butcher and Homelander had mean dads and now they’re violent.  In actuality, most criminality is found from men who were raised by their moms.  More like toxic maternalism. Crime stats are a bitch.  And crime stats are even worse when you consider a lot of America is living in crime-free zones where it takes an actual murder to get reported.   Like David Simon joked about the manipulation of crime stats in Baltimore, “what, are the street kids taking more target practice?”  The dark joke is that it’s an odd statistical variation that under-reporting crime causes…you can hide assaults, rapes, and robbery, but you can’t hide murder.  And then you get cities with crime stats that show a particularly high murder to small crime ratio.  Typically, in a well run city that reports the truth on crime, high crime areas also have high murders.

Anyway, back to Ryan Arey. It’s not an Easter egg that The Boys is repeating dead letter feminism about evil men and the patriarchy.  It’s the writer’s world view.  It’s an old Hollywood standby, the evil dad.  At least in a Boy Named Sue, Johnny Cash came to respect his father for making him tough.  But in reality, single parent households create criminals.  The nuclear family isn’t to blame.   Arey’s whole point was nonsense, but so is the source material because feminist drivel about toxic masculinity is at best fiction.

The typical feminist world view is what exactly?  Men are bad. Dads are bad.  You ask these questions and the feminist retreats to comfortable platitudes about first and second wave feminism ignoring the cultural Marxism of feminism’s third wave and beyond.

Not all violence is equal

After burning down Kenosha, the locals organized a response to defend the remaining businesses and to wash off the lefts’ graffiti.  You know the result, a 17 year old kid was attacked and he shot three people in self-defense. Each person he shot was a leftist criminal.  Literally criminals even if you ignore the looting and arson. But the left smears the kid with their laundry list of claims. I don’t know, he seems like a good kid, unlike the child mo he popped.

You see, we’re the bad guys

And in The Boys, the violence isn’t from terrorists overseas or terrorists that migrated here.

You know, folks who shot up a Christmas party of coworkers, rented a truck and ran people down in NYC, attacked the El Al counter at LAX, or shot up a gay nightclub in Orlando.  The Boys doesn’t really have bad guys in the traditional sense…in the sense of reality.  Terrorism is a red herring in The Boys.  After all, Homelander, get this, created the super terrorists. for profit, just like America, right?  There’s the whole neo-Marxist explanation for Islamic Terror…it’s really because bad westerners have caused it because one, we desire a forever war for profit, and two because, well, it’s justified, they’re *air quote*exploited *air quote*.

So, in The Boys’ world view, the evil is our own. And therefore, the defense we take against the evil supe terrorist threat is itself evil, just like the lefts’ view on the War on Terror.  Just like the old lefts’ hatred of America back in the Cold War.  They said the real villains were the people who made our weapons and the politicians who warned us of the dangers of the red menace.

The left hates people who fights back. This is the idea embodied in The Boys. It’s scary and ugly to them, they use slurs like ugly incels to make the point. The mobs who want to protect America are ugly and scary.  The Christians who raised Starlight are scary.  The corporations are scary.

Who are these people

The problem with this and dutiful lefty stenographers is that non-liberal points of view are, at best, treated with a sort of Gorillas in Mist mentality.  “Let’s observe what these aliens think in their strange culture.”  Ryan Arey isn’t finding Easter eggs about “broken glass” theory, market economics, populism, healthy families, Atlas Shrugging, the Cold War, the War on Terrorism, or anything else that the right side of the aisle talks about. In fact, Ryan Arey and company can’t even comprehend a counter argument.

I would laugh if Ryan found an easter egg about Homelander being adopted and used that as a springboard to talk about left-wing virtual signalling celebrities who collect adopted babies from far off lands.  But that’s not in the leftwing wheelhouse is it?  Ryan isn’t going to find an Easter egg about supply side economics or, I don’t know, taxation being theft. Is he?  Or if he ever did, it would be from the Gorillas in the Mist perspective of “a right wing talking point to justify nationalism” or whatever.

I bet Ryan sees the image below and scratches his head…”some sort of republican talking point…what could it mean?”  But the original is a brave statement in support of blah blah blah.

Yeah, we right wingers can meme too, Ryan.

We can mock the left on their own terms.

Assigning Blame According to Your Politics

Ryan talks about the Gabbie Giffords shooting and the correlation to some GOP ad that used target symbols. This is an old blood libel from the left which was completely devoid of context or reality.  Jared Loughner was not influenced by a GOP campaign ad.  Loughner had mental illness.  The use of “target” symbols is not unique to one political party and indeed, with president Trump in the hospital, we see the typical murder-lust from the left in full view.  Let’s not forget that the ad in question and Loughner were spaced 10 months apart, there’s no evidence that the two were related.  Indeed, Loughner had a long running obsession with Giffords.

Tierney tells Mother Jones in an exclusive interview that Loughner held a years-long grudge against Giffords and had repeatedly derided her as a “fake.” Loughner’s animus toward Giffords intensified after he attended one of her campaign events and she did not, in his view, sufficiently answer a question he had posed

Source: Exclusive: Loughner Friend Explains Alleged Gunman’s Grudge Against Giffords – Mother Jones
So, Ryan …and The Boys…casually continue a decades old blood libel against conservatives.

And if Ryan Arey was a little older, he may even use the old liberal hate point about the JFK assassination. “You know,” they said, “the hateful republican attitude of Dallas caused the assassination.”  Yeah, look it up, Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist but he killed JFK because Dallas was a bit Republican. You see how it works? Find a crime and then create a myth about it.  Loughner had issues and crazy ideas.  The same thing happened in Annapolis when a noted local crank, in a long running personal and bitter battle…a crazy and stupid bitter battle…with a local newspaper opened fire on them.  The leftwing smear machine labeled this a logical outcome to president Trump’s battle with the fakenews.  Sure, and maybe when burn,loot,murder attacked CNN in Atlanta during  the ongoing four months of Biden Riots, the lefty lunatics attacked CNN for same reason, being inspired by Trump.  Or were these hateful leftist rioters inspired by whatever teachings and myths they hold dear…teachings and myths that are closer to The Boys than to Rush Limbaugh.  You know the answer.


And then there’s an actual survivor of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party.  The leftist dream machine has always seen fascism descending on America (but falling on Europe). Stormfront is an actual bad guy and now she’s Homelander’s girlfriend.  Ah, the symbolism is so much leftwing delusion. But you know, it’s a plot. This makes sense and why wouldn’t this happen if you had a WWII evil super soldier live into 2020? So while it fits into the puzzle that is the leftist view of America, I’ll allow it.

You’d think that Stormfront might chill out after 80 years but she’s still as evil as ever. More so, because instead of what happened 80 years ago, she’s kind of at war with the whole human race.  Again, it’s a cool plot but some liberals will think it’s pulled from the headlines. No, you don’t understand socialist politics from Germany from 80 years ago.  No, literally, if you see a parallel to modern American market based economics and deregulation, you don’t know what they believed.  It’s illiterate.

But, you may say…”whatabout these guys here and there?” And the illiterate left is trying to perpetrate that it’s a new threat.  Nah, these kooks have been around for almost a century.  Oh, I’m not saying there aren’t extremists.  It’s America, we have free speech and free association…there are “left wing” kooks and there are “right wing” kooks.  I’ll judge the danger of your extremism based on your actions.  And right now, we’re in four months of Biden Riots by the “idea” of antif-a.

So, The Boys is a dreamscape of liberal wish-casting and villains.

Soy boys and cucks

Oh right, one last point, the cuck thing. Ryan explains that the insult “cuck” is directed to people who deride men for not being tough.  No, Ryan, the cuck is one who willfully ends his own line. It’s an insult directed at the nihilism of the left.  The cuck may raise kids that aren’t his, ending his legacy. The cuck may also prefer to destroy his history.  Now, when I say history and legacy, things like heritage, the leftist instantly thinks of hate because projection.  And of course the South…and shit, Ryan and The Boys even had a confederate flag which is more a dogwhistle to the left than what it means to those who see it as heritage. But I digress, the cuck insult is a response to those that wants self-negation, whether from guilt, self-loathing, or idiotic egalitarianism.  Guilt is a powerful tool of the left, America alone has original sin, Americans are guilty of their heritage.  After all, as The Boys posits, the evil is our own, we scapegoat foreigners.  The violence is our own creation.  And the left is helpfully willing to use all tools necessary to erase that history and your guilt.

It’s not just civil war generals, it’s George Washington and Teddy Roosevelt statues that the Biden Rioters tore down.  Lincoln too. Basically any statue except lenin.  You know, an actual mass murdered (akkshually, it was Stalin…no we’ll blame Lenin too for the Holodomor).  The cuck’s guilt leads to bad policies, globalism, unchecked immigration…”why it’s natural, man, our ancestors 150 years ago were immigrants, so we shouldn’t have an identity based on that”…but based on who will come and replace us.  It’s an actual talking point on the left, we don’t deserve borders…

So yeah, get your terms straight, the cuck insult is targeted at self-emasculating at best, but in reality it’s the criticism of the act of self-negation.  The soy-boy-beta is the wimp.

People add the “cuck” to make the insult the complete two-fer…

Ryan’s aside about “being a real man” leading to violence ignores actual crime stats and actual leftwing violence.  In the end, the real enemy in The Boys is us. You, me, dad, mom, and Apple Pie.

Ryan Arey may be apolitical, maybe maybe not, but he could at least learn a few things outside of leftist dogma.


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