Saturday Night Live Accidentally Entertains America with Jim Carrey’s Biden Impression

One of the biggest problems for the leftist entertainment media complex is that they’re not here to entertain you.  So, in the age of Trump, most media is just didactic anti-trumpism.  There’s only one joke and it’s always on Trump.  He never gets a zinger or funny line, he’s the perpetual punch line.  Why watch most corporate entertainment if it’s just a bunch of non-jokes pitched to the barking seal choir of true believers?


Do you really want to watch jokes curated for the pussy hat crowd who constantly says “that’s not funny”?

Alec Baldwin portrays Trump in a not funny way. It’s not funny, it’s not interesting, it’s not coherent…it’s just there.  He is more a rodeo clown for others to bull him over with longwinded, poorly setup jokes about how awful he is.


yeah, buddy…so funny. So what is the problem here?  Well, the problem for SNL and all the liberal lecturers who have taken over corporate TV is that they’re wearing the skin suit of “entertainment” while being there to lecture us. Sure. You can’t make fun of a guy and have him be funny…or else you have the problem of making the subject of the joke likeable.  The problem in the early aughts was that Will Ferrell was just too talented. Sure, they wanted to mock, humiliate, deride, and lessen George W Bush but back in those innocent days they also wanted to entertain.  Which, ew, yuck…Anyway, Will Ferrell is still on a apology tour for making his W caricature so darn “likeable”, it “normalized” W.

Contrast this to Alec…these are funny…


Why…you coined a phrase…even W liked that. Alec Baldwin’s act is an act of hate. He hates Trump and has no interest in the character…he’s only funny to make pratfalls into doody.

The problem goes deeper when cowardly, spineless polymath Jimmy Fallon is still apologizing for “normalizing” Trump just because he let Trump be on the Tonight Show and didn’t…I suppose slap him. He even played with Trump’s hair!


This put a bug up Tina Fey’s ass and Fallon has been apologizing with silly silly anti-trump schtick now for 4 years. The left cannot forgive so Fallon can expect to be like Ferrell and spend 20 years apologizing for the crime of normalizing trump and thereby getting him elected.  I always feel like the insane left thinks Fallon should’ve treated Trump like Plow King treated Mr. Plow.  But, you know…you idiot leftists, that’s not how normal people act.

Well, the leftist entertainment complex won’t let that happen again. They’ve gone dour.  And behold the awful Alec Baldwin.  But what happens when someone wants to entertain.  Jim Carrey has accidentally entertained people in his portrayal of Joe Biden on SNL…and the left cannot fucking handle it.  A very simple search shows plenty of liberal tears.

Jim doesn’t portray Biden as whipsmart…the usual DNC mary sue that all democrat politicians must be…no Jim portrays Creepy, Corrupt Joe as a creepy, doddering old guy who is barely holding on.  As I’ve said before don’t expect Biden to shit himself on stage when being onstage and pontificating and lying about his credentials is his safe space, his go-to.  It’s like finding a sundowning septuagenarian cooking at the gas grill in the backyard at 4am.  It’s what he knows.  But Carrey worked on his impression.  It’s his craft…he wants to be funny, even when you hate it.  You can see he found the thing that makes Joe funny.


Jim has committed the crime of entertaining over preaching. And, here’s the thing, we don’t need to humanize Biden. He’s a 47 year old punchline. If anything, the left needs to dictate that he’s kind of awesome and ready to be the next obama or clinton. Is he portrayed this way?  No…


The oddest thing is the bizarre intersection of Kamala Harris being viscerally repulsive to all but the most hardened, leftist worshipping lefties.  This meets the fact that Maya Rudolph is kind well liked, as far as SNL alumna go.  So they wheel out her impression of Kamala at every sketch.  On the other hand, Pence…America’s silver fox…is not really anything more than a baby Trump to these people, so no good lines for him.

Has the leftist media pulled a Hunter Biden yet again and accidentally left the metaphorical apple laptop in the minds of America again by accidentally entertaining people, this time by not glorifying the great, heroic “Mr. Default Democrat” Joe Biden?  Time will tell, but yeah. They have.


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