Second Presidential Debate Fallout After Trump Beats Biden Soundly

The second debate proceeded basically how I predicted. They talked about things that no one cares about, Biden tried to insult Trump while lying about his corruption, and Trump “won”. Trump won by being calm and defending his actions as president against the silly attacks from the left.  Trump even bragged a bit about his results. Like most political insiders, I wish Trump had managed to stay on message, saying the perfect thing about four Nobel Prize Nominations and why the Biden Riots are bad. But that’s not how presidents act in debates.  Instead, Trump acted and talked presidential. Biden was well scripted but it was the script to a different movie and his acting out was a bit odd.  Biden returned to his 2012 debate performance against Ryan where he turned into Jim Carey’s the Mask.

Yeah, laugh away, Amtrak Boy.

The debate has had effected several things as we close in to the election. First, the near total media and big tech black out of Biden’s corruption continues. You’ve got wonder what the average voter is actually learning these days.  Is there any trust in the media left or have people completely tuned them out?  We’re living in a reality that presented as Biden have a ten point lead while Trump has a 52% approval rating. Something is broken.

But who cares about the broken media, not the media. I applauded Saturday Night Live for letting Jim Carrey actually be funny.  Well, the debate stopped that. The liberal biden bubble needs their dopamine hits and the last SNL debate sketch revamped the Biden-Carrey impression.  SNL has gone 50 shades of cray, the Baldwin-Trump impression is still completely unfunny, unhumorous, and hateful. The guys who sit in dunk tanks at the county fair have more charisma than Alec Baldwin but their purposes are the same, Baldwin’s message is “hate me” “throw the ball at me.”  But whatever, Baldwin is there not to entertain in anyway except to be lectured to, to be done one up, not even to be the heel, just a force of wrong.  But Carrey’s Biden was fun. And that is something the bubble enclosed sad left can’t have. That’s not funny!

So, they changed Biden to basically the desperate Mary-Sue, “I can’t believe they even let Republicans exist” straight man that SNL has had every losing DNC candidate play in these types of sketches.  Carrey’s Biden is now Dukakis from 1988 or John Kerry in 2004. The sketch is there to point out that GOP-MAN can’t answer policy, is dumb, is bad.  The DNC candidate is there to stand shocked at what he’s hearing, confused at how anyone couldn’t see his bold, beautiful plans for America that are so rational and smart.  It’s sad because the SNL writers have no confidence in their audience and they can’t find a tone that’s funny. And it’s sad because they either pulled one over on Carrey with the script or they put him through a week’s worth of Maoist struggle sessions to explain why it’s bad for him to be funny.

In the real world, the fake polls moved a little. This is important because in the real world, Biden’s enthusiasm is a mile deep but about a foot wide. Oh, we get that the Biden voter will vote. But so will the Trump voter. The point of these elections is to bring people into the fold. And by acting presidential, Trump has broken the hold of fear on the undecided. Ah, it’s ok. He’s not the caricature we see on the news or in the entertainment space. And this raises questions about Biden’s alleged 10-20 point advantage.  Mostly because it isn’t there.  These polls are based on bad sampling. Biden does not have a democrat registration advantage. He doesn’t have enthusiasm. Thanks to massive corporate donations to BLM that were funneled to Biden, he does have a massive spending advantage. But money doesn’t work.  It didn’t work for Jeb and it didn’t work for Bloomberg. People skip through ads on their DVR. People tune out the radio. People don’t believe you or your lying ads.

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