Ruth Bader Ginsburg Supreme Court Vacancy Reactions from Hateful Republicans.

So, it’s been a minute or two since we observed that our beloved Ruth Bader Ginsburg, true champion of women’s rights, died. Let’s just say that there’s been one or more hot takes. Everyone has them. Who cares? Let’s make fun of the scum of the earth, the republicans who want to lose to win.

Yeah, I get it. Trump is orange and bad. There’s an election. RBG is, like, holy and stuff to the left. The Karens have declared that this shall not stand and there will be holy bloody civil war.

Let’s just recall what 2020 and the Trump admin has put us all through.  First, the impeachment. You remember that?  Trump got impeached, you know?  That, to me, was an act of war. You don’t just impeach a president as a matter of purely political divisiveness.  I mean, literally, no one has.  You got Nixon, Clinton, and Johnson.  There were crimes or things having to do with the aftermath of the Civil War that we can’t even comprehend.  Clinton lied, got disbarred, yada yada…watergate.  That’s it.   Trump did a phone call and it’s complete garbage. But that should be the end of civility.  There’s already been a 3 year witch hunt into fake Russia garbage.  So, the swamps’ effort to get rid of Trump has taken up his whole tenure thus far.  And along the way, some republicans have played along.  It is to barf.

Then there was Kavanaugh.  We were supposed to pretend that this was all very serious indeed, some sad liberal gal realized she went to high school in the same general area of the DC suburbs at about almost the same general time as Kavanaugh went to school. “We’ll iron out the details later” the media figured. To me, it was another indecipherable bullshit lunatic theory of attack, almost as lame as Trump sharing an exotic opinion about the dead of WWI with his entourage.   Can you people at least come up with stories that make sense?

And yet, Republicans played along.

There was also the moderate centrist democrat James Hodgkinson’s attempted assassination of Congressman Steve Scalise.  You get the idea people would wake up to how batshit insane the left is.

And then you get to you know who.

There’s Mitt Romney, who … what can you say?  Went from “severely conservative” to “concerned conservative who is deeply concerned about the coarseness of our discourse.”  Two other Senators who should just resign, Collins and Murkowski.

So, why do they defect?  Who are they really trying to impress?  I feel like there’s so much electronic ink being spilled as the Karens and other mainstream moderate leftists go full-civil war…you know beyond their already state-sanctioned Biden-Riots that you know, so what? Go for it.

Do what you got to do, eh?  You’ve been Biden Rioters for over three months now.

But for the GOP to still behave as if there’s some magical Trump tweet out there that justifies them betraying their president…and more importantly…their base.  You got to wonder about the level of humanity of the people that somehow get nominated. We need to do better. Romney, Collins, and Murkowski should just resign.

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