Survival Cave Offgrid food review comparison – Scam or Tasty?

Canned meat
You never know when an emergency might arise. A tornado, hurricane, earthquake, famine, drought, pandemic – all these factors can lead to power outages and food shortages. If you don’t have emergency food supplies at home, you may be hungry until help arrives.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to stock up on emergency supplies. Our canned meats are healthy, delicious and specially made to last for years in a safe, dry environment. Heat it over a fire pit, serve it on a muffin, drizzle with sauce, or just eat it straight from the tin. Our canned meat products are great for emergencies as well as camping and hunting.

What are these products made of?
Unlike other brands, our products are made from fresh, hand-selected cuts of meat that do not contain bone or cartilage. Rather than buying from factory farms, we source our meat from eco-friendly farms in the US where the animals are fed a healthy diet of grass and wheat. Our products are 100% free of hormones, additives and antibiotics, making them safer than some cuts of meat you find in the supermarket. They are also low in fat, sodium and cholesterol as our products are made from premium lean cuts of meat.

Whether you’re a beef, chicken, turkey or pork lover, we sell it all in convenient tins made for long-term storage. Our products are fully cooked and ready to eat; all you have to do is open the can and heat it up. You hardly notice the difference between this and the fresh meat you buy in the supermarket.

How long do these products last?
Our lyophilized products are specially prepared to last up to 25 years when stored in a dry and safe environment. It is no longer necessary to replace emergency food every two years. With our long-term storage foods, you can buy them and forget about them. Our canned meat has no expiration date and will be safe and edible for years to come.

Is Your Food Safe?
Our foods are 100% safe and can be enjoyed months or years from the date of purchase. Our meats are specially prepared to ensure that it lasts as long as possible without being loaded with sodium or artificial hormones. You can eat our products in an emergency without feeling that you are overloading your body with salt and cholesterol.

How can I store your products?
To preserve your emergency food supplies for as long as possible, keep them in a cool, dry place that stays between 55 and 65 degrees year-round.

What can food be used for in the long term?
Your emergency food store can be used in a variety of ways. This product is specially designed for survival situations; For example, if you lose power for a week during a hurricane, you’ll have a supply of non-perishable canned meat that you can enjoy until the lights come on. Our survival foods are also suitable for use in more extreme survival situations, such as a war or a global pandemic. Our canned meat lasts much longer than typical canned food thanks to our patented cooking and canning process.

You can also use our products for outdoor activities such as hunting and camping. They don’t need to be refrigerated until opened and they give you the nutrients and energy you need to stay active on the go. Just make sure that your products are not exposed to extreme temperatures for extended periods.

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