Biden Cheated on The Path Donald Trump Will Win Election 2020 By Following The Way

As it stands, things are close.  Biden has started acting like he’s the president elect. Joe Biden is not the president elect, he’s current leading in electoral votes but we haven’t finished counting votes here and there.  What follows though is The Way.  Donald Trump will win the 2020 election by focusing on the states … Read more

Biden Trump 2020 Election Aftermath There is no Conceding by Either GOP or DNC

Trump is likely to win the electoral college once he wins AZ+NV+PA+GA+NC.  Biden may have a path to 270 EV on the dot if he wins a few states.  It’s not worth talking about because you’d have to be foolish to think that either side will accept a 270EV win by either side when every … Read more

Election Day Poll Debunking Trump 2020 Landslide Suburban Women Edition

It’s early on election day so there’s nothing to do but vote. If you are a Trump supporter who is worried about the polls showing that Biden is up double digits nationally…ask yourself, does it feel like he’s up double digits?  Trump’s red wall hasn’t even been scratched. Instead sleepy joe and Kamala, who is … Read more

Election Eve Polling Analysis Biden v Trump Battleground States and Firewalls

As we near the end of the 2020 election, we see the quadrennial narrowing of the polls as the pollsters start stepping back from their insane democrat voting samples to at least reflect the actual voter turnout expected for an election where the GOP actually has a voter registration advantage.  Basically, the corporate media has … Read more

Doddering Old Joe Biden Passive Campaign a Massive Mistake Now Holding Panic Rallies and Making Gaffes

For months, Joe Biden has campaigned from his basement, relying on polls that were obviously wrong. He seemingly called a lid every other day, maybe more. This passive campaign based on zero-issues created a vacuum of democrat enthusiasm.  The problem for Joe, obviously, is that in his declining days, he’s a gaffe prone lunatic. So, … Read more

Final Policy and Character Reasons to Vote Trump 2020 for the coming Landslide Victory

Some undecided voters and even decided voters may still be struggling to choose between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the 2020 election. A lot of ballots have been cast and yet people still have time to go to the polls and vote in person. I came across a thread on a popular conservative blog, … Read more

Second Presidential Debate Fallout After Trump Beats Biden Soundly

The second debate proceeded basically how I predicted. They talked about things that no one cares about, Biden tried to insult Trump while lying about his corruption, and Trump “won”. Trump won by being calm and defending his actions as president against the silly attacks from the left.  Trump even bragged a bit about his … Read more

Top 47 List of reasons to vote for Joe Biden or Donald Trump for President for 2020

Red Checkmark editors have put together our Top 47 List of reasons to vote for Joe Biden or Donald Trump for President for 2020. Some people think that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the best ticket to vote for in 2020. Some believe that voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to kick Donald … Read more

Get a Load of These Hatefilled MAGA Nutjobs

But my norms…our coarsened discourse… Asked about Trump supporter who was murdered in cold-blood in Portland, leftist woman responds: “Tough luck. Don’t be a f**king Trump supporter in Portland.” — The First (@TheFirstonTV) September 17, 2020 You wonder what these Biden Rioters think?  This is what they think.

Biden is the nicest guy

Biden got the DNC’s 2020 nomination by default.  He was worse than 4th place in smaller states that paid attention to him but he zoomed ahead in the larger states.  There was some improbable series of events where the DNC conspired yet again to derail Bernie and to grasp for a moderate.  All the scary … Read more

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