Big Tech Censorship Tries To Hide Trump Electoral 2020 Path to Victory

So here we are, nearly two weeks after the election was held and Big Tech is still trying to pretend that the left didn’t engage in massive voter fraud in about 5 cities across the USA.  I noticed that these cities seem to correspond to The Path…the election day braying of liberals sort of tipped … Read more

Election Day Poll Debunking Trump 2020 Landslide Suburban Women Edition

It’s early on election day so there’s nothing to do but vote. If you are a Trump supporter who is worried about the polls showing that Biden is up double digits nationally…ask yourself, does it feel like he’s up double digits?  Trump’s red wall hasn’t even been scratched. Instead sleepy joe and Kamala, who is … Read more

Bobulinski Tucker Carlson Interview Reaction and Analysis and Was It Believable

First, off…Yes. Oh wow, you don’t expect people with dirty laundry to actually be coherent and come across as compelling. Some fake cry, others are shifty and evasive. Why Tony Bobulinsky came forward is also interesting, the democrats’ own smear machine in the greasy, slimy Adam Schiff came after him, he asked them to rescind … Read more

Joe Biden Bullies People Who Ask Him Questions Not Trump

The usual fake news about Trump is that he is a bully. Trump is not a bully. Trump fights back and Trump usually fights back against people who are at least in the spotlight instead of punching-down. Joe Biden, on the other hand, has a career of opportunistic lying and bullying.  When confronted with a … Read more

Second Presidential Debate Fallout After Trump Beats Biden Soundly

The second debate proceeded basically how I predicted. They talked about things that no one cares about, Biden tried to insult Trump while lying about his corruption, and Trump “won”. Trump won by being calm and defending his actions as president against the silly attacks from the left.  Trump even bragged a bit about his … Read more

Trump Biden Debate Two Preparation What to Watch For

This Thursday will bring the second and final debate between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. There’s a lot of intrigue about this debate as the Commission on Presidential Debates has decided that enough is enough and they will mute the candidates microphones so as to prevent each side from interrupting the other.  In addition, … Read more

Top 47 List of reasons to vote for Joe Biden or Donald Trump for President for 2020

Red Checkmark editors have put together our Top 47 List of reasons to vote for Joe Biden or Donald Trump for President for 2020. Some people think that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the best ticket to vote for in 2020. Some believe that voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to kick Donald … Read more

Saturday Night Live Accidentally Entertains America with Jim Carrey’s Biden Impression

One of the biggest problems for the leftist entertainment media complex is that they’re not here to entertain you.  So, in the age of Trump, most media is just didactic anti-trumpism.  There’s only one joke and it’s always on Trump.  He never gets a zinger or funny line, he’s the perpetual punch line.  Why watch … Read more

Another Biden Lie from the Archives

So…it seems that Biden, aside from being very angry…is also very lie…uh…ey. Joe Biden resurrected an old lie tonight, claiming he was “the first in my family to go to college.” In fact, Biden was forced to admit in 1987 after he plagiarized a British politician that that was not true. — Trump … Read more

Gee…Biden got all lovey dovey again.

So…after finishing the last blockbuster super awesome post about how Biden is a lover not a fighter…Biden goes on TV and reacts angrily to a known lie. A notable moment from the CNN town hall tonight: a flash of deeply personal anger from VP Biden as he referred to @TheAtlantic story on the president’s alleged … Read more

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