Bobulinski Tucker Carlson Interview Reaction and Analysis and Was It Believable

First, off…Yes. Oh wow, you don’t expect people with dirty laundry to actually be coherent and come across as compelling. Some fake cry, others are shifty and evasive. Why Tony Bobulinsky came forward is also interesting, the democrats’ own smear machine in the greasy, slimy Adam Schiff came after him, he asked them to rescind … Read more

Biden Voters Prove They Have No Idea Who Biden Is

It seems like democrat voters don’t actually know who Joe Biden is. In fact, you see folks online who brag about Biden being honest…honest..really.  Or that unlike Trump, who is orange and bad, that Biden is not a bully…what?  Biden’s whole thing is getting physical with people who ask him questions.  The mainstream media has … Read more

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