Time For Recriminations What is the GOP To Do To Win in the Future

Well, here we are, Biden may still lose. Trump can win.  But it’s close.  Too close. Of course, if you’re a shitbag liberal, you were expecting a biden blowout. Uh huh. If you went to a bunch of Trump MAGA rallies, you probably expected things to not be this close, that Trump would win your … Read more

Doddering Old Joe Biden Passive Campaign a Massive Mistake Now Holding Panic Rallies and Making Gaffes

For months, Joe Biden has campaigned from his basement, relying on polls that were obviously wrong. He seemingly called a lid every other day, maybe more. This passive campaign based on zero-issues created a vacuum of democrat enthusiasm.  The problem for Joe, obviously, is that in his declining days, he’s a gaffe prone lunatic. So, … Read more

Final Policy and Character Reasons to Vote Trump 2020 for the coming Landslide Victory

Some undecided voters and even decided voters may still be struggling to choose between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the 2020 election. A lot of ballots have been cast and yet people still have time to go to the polls and vote in person. I came across a thread on a popular conservative blog, … Read more

Biden is the nicest guy

Biden got the DNC’s 2020 nomination by default.  He was worse than 4th place in smaller states that paid attention to him but he zoomed ahead in the larger states.  There was some improbable series of events where the DNC conspired yet again to derail Bernie and to grasp for a moderate.  All the scary … Read more

Will the First Wives’ Club Hate Kamala

Trump’s only real weakness in this election is with the ladies…no not the single ladies but the bitter ladies. And the reasons are thus: Trump has sex.  Or he likes it.  But basically, he’s the first wives’ club’s antagonist.  He’s the guy who left them for Krystal in accounting. So, trump is the bad guy … Read more

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