Doddering Old Joe Biden Passive Campaign a Massive Mistake Now Holding Panic Rallies and Making Gaffes

For months, Joe Biden has campaigned from his basement, relying on polls that were obviously wrong. He seemingly called a lid every other day, maybe more. This passive campaign based on zero-issues created a vacuum of democrat enthusiasm.  The problem for Joe, obviously, is that in his declining days, he’s a gaffe prone lunatic. So, … Read more

Biden’s Totally Organic Kenosha Visit

Biden visited Kenosha, Wisconsin to instill calm.  Biden greatly calmed the residents of Kenosha.  How?  Well, by leaving a wake of disappointed, befuddled participants in his calming exercise of calm. How to know it was calming in a calm manner?  Why the bluecheckmark media has come together in a totally organic, spontaneous manner to promote … Read more

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