Big Tech Censors News About Trump For Your Own Good And Not Because They’re In On The Coup Attempt

Twitter has been helping American Democracy by making sure that no one can discuss the alleged voter fraud that allegedly gave Joe Biden statistically impossible wins in states that he won by dozens of votes thanks to alleged late night voter ballot dumping of allegedly hundreds of thousands of votes.  Youtube, Google, and Facebook likewise … Read more

Final Policy and Character Reasons to Vote Trump 2020 for the coming Landslide Victory

Some undecided voters and even decided voters may still be struggling to choose between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the 2020 election. A lot of ballots have been cast and yet people still have time to go to the polls and vote in person. I came across a thread on a popular conservative blog, … Read more

Ryan Arey Finds Liberal Talking Points in The Boys Season Two

Ryan Arey is an alright guy, he scours reddit or 4chan or whatever to figure out the Easter eggs that popular media slips in our content for fun. You know, it’s a good time. What Ryan Arey is not good at is distinguishing between Easter eggs and liberal wishcasting in popular entertainment.  The Boys Season … Read more

Liberals Demonstrate Actual Compassion While Looting With Love

After President Trump tested positive for COVID19, you know…the China Virus, because it comes from China, the left showed America their grace, compassion, and love.  Lots and lots of liberal love, so much liberal love that the American public started getting blisters and rashes. And bruises.  It’s a tough love, you know. More of a … Read more

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