The Boys Season Two Easter Egg Discussion

I always thought that Ryan was just some guy but briefly looking at his twitter history shows he’s watching The Boys for the political insights.  I’m kind of disappointed. I wrote a whole thing on The Boys Season Two Episode Seven and it turns out Ryan wasn’t being dense, the show is actually written for people like him.  Sad.  I mean, I’ve been a fan although I’ve always felt the dis-jarring, bizarre political asides from Arey’s listicles of Easter Eggs were out of left field but I guess it’s actually his brand of info-tainment.

He retweeted this on purpose.

There’s the whole world of Trump Derangement Syndrome where it’s all trump’s fault. what? I don’t know apparently his was a special brand of evil or incompetence that was different from the rest of the world. New Zealand shut down completely, not hard for a small island nation, not so easy for America. Sweden did nothing and still ended up ahead. The malaria belt did great because they’re all already on HCQ. But Trump is responsible completely.  Even when people politicize HCQ.

Even when some local leaders made huge mistakes:

He even retweeted this:

This is kind of beyond the pale. This is at the time when NYC had the USS Mercy in the harbor where there were mobile hospitals set up.  And few of them got used.

The two Long Island field hospitals were completed in late April.

They never opened to the public and didn’t treat any patients. “That’s outrageous,” Gershon said. “That’s completely crazy. I hope they didn’t take them down.”

The temporary hospitals in New York haven’t been taken down. They’re on hold in case they need to be reopened in the future, according to a state health department spokesman.

New York has “so far avoided the worst-case scenario we were preparing for,” the spokesman said in a statement. “There has been a reduced need for hospital beds, and as of now we are not moving forward on purchasing supplies and equipment or securing staff for these sites.”

Field Hospitals Stand Down, Most Without Treating Any COVID-19 Patients : NPR

So, wait, what happened in NYC…did Trump take the wheel and make people die in hallways.  Nah, just some paperwork issues and redtape on the local level, the DeBalsio and Cuomo level.

The plan was for the Javits Center to take patients from overwhelmed hospitals in the city. But in practice it wasn’t that easy. Some hospitals complained that the intake process was too complicated. And they sent few patients to Javits — even as they resorted to treating patients in the hallways.

It’s a weird hysteria about a world wide pandemic. One where every expert was wrong, where the WHO intentionally lied on behalf of China. But whatever, there’s anti-trump lunacy to feed.  There’s never an anti-trump angle to take or some bizarre need to vent about it.

He’s also upset about Rick Moranis, I wonder he’ll look at the root causes.  After all, if a blm assaults you, it’s because by definition you’re a racist and if fa-fa assaults you it’s because you are, by Ryan Arey’s definition, a fascist.

You get it? The name of the organization defines reality. Hey, they are named anti-fascist so clearly you, like most of the Americans who were assaulted, were a fascist. It’s airtight.

Instead of using that big brain to define reality around a group’s name, let’s define them by their actions, eh?  Some people may be confused at how an organization that is the very embodiment of thuggery and intimidation can claim to be anti-fa.  Well, Hayek, for one looked beyond the group’s name.  It’s a weird idea, but follow along…

Hayek goes on to say that “[t]he communists and Nazis clashed more frequently with each other than with other parties simply because they competed for the same type of mind.”

Source: No, Antifa Is Not Synonymous with “Anti-fascism” | Merion West

And it’s just an idea, right?  Well, what is the idea. That the name is the thing?  That’s pretty stupid. Let’s go deeper, shall we?

Theirs is a doctrine of malign equivalence—the idea that there is no significant moral difference between a totalitarian regime and a capitalist democratic government

Source: No, Antifa Is Not Synonymous with “Anti-fascism” | Merion West
Hell of an idea there, buddy.

The silliest part of those memes about WWII’s Allied Forces being the original anti-fa is the fact that afa and blm are beating up those same veterans to day. That according to “the idea”, those grandfathers storming the beaches of Normandy are themselves literally no different than the forces they were engaging.

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