The Democrats Go All in on COVID Hysteria, Ignoring Science, Fauci, and Common Sense

Let’s talk about The Vid. You know, the China Virus…because it comes from China. The centerpiece of Joe Biden’s non-campaign is to talk about The Vid. You watched the debates, you know that Biden has presented his story on how Trump screwed up the response to The Vid. In fact, if you pay attention to his meandering thoughts, and the thoughts of Governor Cuomo of New York, you’d hear that they seem to think that Trump is directly responsible for the deaths of 200,000+ Americans who succumbed to The Vid.This, of course, is stupid. This thinking presupposes that no one in America would’ve died if only…if only…if only, as far as can tell, if only Trump hadn’t tweeted something bullying and lying. The Vid is a global pandemic that has hit the non hydroxychloroquine using word pretty hard. But not Spanish Flu hard. It was pretty scary to see China samizdat videos showing young people dropping dead from Cytokine storms or the Chinese panicked building of emergency hospitals and the welding in of people into their apartment complexes.
But that’s not the point, the point is is that the democrats are relying on a script to denounce Trump as murdering people for something something reasons. In fact, there’s a script. The back and forth on this issue has been going on for so long that both sides follow the script. Let’s review, since the party of science thinks that Trump’s tweets caused a global pandemic and also, by the way, we’re being punished for our nation’s sins by mother gaia.

In reality, the Democrats have politicized every aspect of our nation’s Vid response and have hysterically been hysterical.
The script:

Act I.
Democrat: Trump screwed up everything…
Republican: How can you say that? Trump travel ban and set up CDC task forces and was ahead of the curve.
Democrat: so?
Republican: you also said the travel ban was bad. You guys even called his responses hysterical and racist at the time. You were licking doorknobs in Chinatown to show something about solidarity.

Act II.

Democrat: Trump fired the only person in entire federal govt who handles diseases. He even cut the CDC’s budget so that they no longer existed.
Republican: Uh, that’s just two people in the security counsel. They weren’t the CDC and all the other assorted other agencies that have been involved since January.
Democrats: But he cut CDC funding.
Republican: The agency still exists and functions just fine, you do know that, right?
Democrats: Well, trump … ahem…still does not have a national testing plan. Chuck Schumer tweets this every three minutes.
Republican: First, the previous regulations (from Obama) made testing impossible and had to be rewritten on the fly. Trump’s actually pretty proud about how well the new reuglations will serve future administrations.
Democrat: But testing!
Republican: Uh yeah, did you have a million tests in your garage for a novel corona virus? It takes time to make tests.
Democrat: It’s racist to ask that.
Republican: Did you?
Democrat: ventilators!!!!
Republican: Oh, let’s change subjects then. No one who needed one was denied one. And weirdly, it seems like ventilators are a comorbidity, no one comes off of it. It’s so bad, they put people in comas to deal with how awful the experience is.

Act III.

Democrat: Yeah, well, Trump showed no leadership…
Republican: Trump conducted daily briefings for months, brought huge private industry together for a surge for testing/vaccines…twisting arms and greasing the skids as it were. That’s leadership.
Democrat: But Trump knew about the Covid in January and he also said it was a hoax.
Republican: First of all, those two statements are contradictory. Second of all, Trump was ahead of everyone else on this issue…you do know the CDC/WHO/Fauci didn’t even acknowledge The Vid until later.

Democrat: But Trump doesn’t believe in science, he silenced Fauci.

Republican: That’s not what science means or what Fauci said.

Act IV.
Democrat: Trump said drink bleach!
Republican: really, you think he said that?
Democrat: Well, people died from HCQ!
Republican: That dude died because his wife poisoned him with fish cleaner.
Democrat: Well, HCQ is dangerous.

Republican: No, your politicization of HCQ killed people.

Act V.
Democrat: It’s a science fact that, uh, trump murdered 200k Americans.


Republican: Ok nutball, now you’re really going to sea. First, The Vid is…you know, a deadly disease…a global pandemic. It’s infectuous…it kills older people.
Democrat: You want to kill grandma…
Republican: Dr. Birx said 200,000 dead would be a successful best case scenario.
Democrat: You want to kill grandma so you can work.
Republican: say….what was the death rate from the flu this year…
Democrat: zero, we included those deaths in the … hey you tricked me! racist!
Republican: Grandma’s already dead coz Cuomo killed her. And the shutdown isn’t about waiting until the cure…at least it wasn’t, it was about avoiding overloaded hospitals. We can’t really cure the common cold. You know.

Democrat: Covid is racist because it kills blacks and also Trump rallies are superspreader events.
Republican: Is it though? Then why are you letting the Biden Riots take place?
Democrats: There’s a good cause exception to rioting for our causes.
Republican: And scene…
Democrats: Russia?
Republican: uh huh. Also, real leadership calls for assessing the risk. Not sitting around being too scared to open things up.

In reality, the democrat contribution to The Vid has been hysterical overreactions to things they imagined Trump said or did. But this is all they have.

And this script doesn’t even cover all the side issues, characters, and toilet paper grabbing. Wait for the sequels.

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