Time For Recriminations What is the GOP To Do To Win in the Future

Well, here we are, Biden may still lose. Trump can win.  But it’s close.  Too close. Of course, if you’re a shitbag liberal, you were expecting a biden blowout. Uh huh. If you went to a bunch of Trump MAGA rallies, you probably expected things to not be this close, that Trump would win your state because he won it last time and sleepy Joe is running a terrible campaign based only on liberal tears and way too much corporate money.  The liberal hate for Trump is real but it doesn’t translate into other voters, right?  Sure, and somehow people gave $100 million away in blocks to challenge various Republicans. That’s normal.

So, yeah, Trump got outspent. His campaign was therefore more strategic. We thought that spending dozens of millions of dollars on TV ad buys was just background noise. We instead spent our money on GOTV.  The Biden campaign’s ludicrous moments of defunding the police, court packing, biden riots, Hunter’s laptop, Biden’s …ahhh affections

his current mental state

and covid hysteria convinced us that his message was insular and not something that would get independents out to vote.  But we were wrong.

Biden somehow got more votes that Hillary. Wow.  There’s nothing to suggest that Biden had the most extensive voter fraud operation in American history….

oh, except that.

Right, but the GOP just sat there and watch this slow motion car wreck take place right in front of them.

Anyway, it’s time for some minor Trump recriminations because the numbers out there suggest that the I’s may have been moved to Biden because of The Vid.  The problem with Trump’s handling of The Vid was always that he let Biden and the crazy left define what happened.  In reality, there’s the script that he should have followed.  I wrote it out, sure the left was relying on hysterical overreaction to things they imagined Trump said and did but Trump also needed to explain why this was wrong.  He needed to have a very direct answer in the two debates about The Vid.  Instead, we got skat-man Trump, as he bipped and bopped about the answer.  Instead of just saying “I shut down the border.” He needed to rehearse a very focused, polished message:

I thought the virus was bad in early January and when I consulted with the WHO, CDC, Fauci, Birx…you know, the Science that Biden and the Left talks about.  I actually showed leadership by going over the head of people who were telling me that the virus was not that big of a deal.  In an act of caution, I shut down travel and created the CDC task force in January.  In addition, there were difficulties that my administration encountered while developing tests.  This is true, we encountered these obstacles and overcame them and rewrote their regulations to help future administrations deal with things like this.  However, there’s never been a easy path to get millions of tests created like the Biden campaign suggests.  We also left it up to the states to deal with Covid in their own way, based on their unique situations.

You actually explain things.  You don’t fucking search for words.  Kamala and Biden were rehearsed.

That’s one thing.  Another thing is Trump should’ve dipped into his wallet and pulled a few million out.  I don’t know if he did but he should’ve.  And he should’ve targeted all states, not just his perceived battlegrounds.

Likewise, other issues needed to be front and center and polished.  These include:

Biden Riots.  Biden’s cancel culture. Biden’s creepiness.  Biden’s Court Packing. Kamala is a Cop who called Biden Racist. Biden was an early segregationist.

I also hated the handling of how Biden took credit for Trump’s economic miracle.  Trump needed to be ready to say “The economic crisis started in 2008 and I solved in 2017 by ending your taxes and regulations, you had nothing to do with it.  You’re taking credit for something that happened nine years later.”

In addition, Trump didn’t toot his own horn.  He again jived on about basic ideas but to my frustration he never actually burrowed down like he did in his RNC acceptance speech.

Four Nobel Peace Prize nominations for his admin’s work in Kosovo, Korea, and the Middle East.

Also, the reply to “our allies hate you because you pulled out of deals” talking point was that the Obama/Biden regime cancelled Poland’s missile defense deal.  So, take your Paris deal and shove it.

Economic Expansion based on his policies. duh.

Anti-Cancel Culturethis is a big deal, the left is crushing speech. I want free speech.  This includes fair college discipline boards.

3AM phone call. Trump is always awake and always sober.  Biden needs to call a lid.

A really big one that hurt trump was not talking about immigration. Immigration, including the wall, h1b reform, asylum abuse, and illegal immigration deportations barely touched on.

Abortion.  This is a stark choice between Trump and Biden.

Criminal Justice Reformwhy were the Biden rioters rioting?  Trump’s the one who worked on this issue in his first term.  At the same time, he knows that fa=fa are not an idea.  At the same time, the Biden campaign was saddled with defund the police movement and his rioters.  But Trump let Biden say it was all just an idea.

Again, Trump mentioned VA Reform but did he really explain it?

The crazy left:

We talked about the biden riots and court stuffing.  But there’s so much more. Biden’s side wants to add states to America to pack the Senate. They want amnesty. They want reportation. They held the covid relief hostage to demand these things.  The best strategy was every Senate seat race needed fa=fa campaign ads, no matter how far gone.

We needed more money and to be more aggressive.

Anyway, the problem for us is that Trump’s fine.  He’ll be ok. Biden will hopefully be stymied, if he should win, by a GOP +1 Senate.

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