Trump 2020 Election Strategy Shows Clear Path to Trump Second Term and Biden Conceding

North Carolina was called for Trump but Trump’s election chances comes down to recounts in at least three states…these states, AZ+PA+GA are what I call The Way.  Win these three states and all the Biden Voter Fraud is meaningless.  The Way is being blocked however by local officials.  This would normally be the end of things, as far as Republicans go, because most sad GOP leaders are OK with Philly, Maricopa, and Atlanta having veto power of elections through their local voter fraud mechanisms.  Other states have the same problem, Michigan should be Trump’s but Detroit has veto power over the state.  Wisconsin was another state with a single city veto over the rest of the state’s vote.

If you are a MAGA, then you need to contact your local state representatives. Why do this?  Well, the endgame for Trump will be to decertify the election and get either state governments or the House to make him president. Is this fair? Who cares, Biden cheated, Biden relied on mail-in ballot fraud. The local blue cities cheated. The only evidence you need to cite is this: they counted votes without supervision.  Mail-in ballots are susceptible to fraud and the only cure for that is to aggressively check the validity of that vote.  If you don’t then you need to toss those batches of votes.

So, for the GOP, The Way is simple.  Don’t give up, be smart.

We have to fight aggressively in these three states, at a minimum:




Right now, in the fog of war, it looks like things are lost but this is just a distraction because Donald Trump will need to push forward with lawsuits demanding recounts.

So, what is going on:

In Georgia, the recount is ongoing but it’s anyone’s guess as to whether they’re actually doing it in a beneficial way.  Lin Wood tweeted this:

Now, Lin Wood filed this on his own…so it’s confusing what impact this will have.

Rudy Giuliani has opinions about Philly…it’s clear that they cheated and those votes need to be tossed.

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